Gwyneth Paltrow will sing in season two of “Glee”

It seems that Murphy wrote a part specifically for her: “Gwyneth is a great singer. She’s done it a little bit but I really want to show it off and show everyone how great she is”.

The Oscar winning actress is set to appear in season two of the show for two episodes. Moreover, actor Javier Bardem is set to appear in Glee due to his admiration for the show.

“Let me set the record straight – I didn’t have to convince him, he begged!” “He loves the show and wants to play a crazy Spanish rock and roll singer so I’m going to do that”, also revealed Murphy.

Gwyneth’s passion for music were revealed in her previous films such as Duets, Infamous, in her performance on stage next to Jay-Z in 2006.

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Michael Douglas is determined to win the battle with cancer

The actor and also Oscar winner, 65, Michael said that he’s determined to win the battle with cancer. He said in an interview that: “I’ll beat this.”

The actor is married to Catherine Zeta-Jones for almost 10 years and has two kids: Dylan, 10, and Carys, 7.

The two actors revealed how their kids reacted when they found out about the cancer.

On professional matter, Douglas’s new film is set to air on September 24 and is called Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps.

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Sandra Bullock: “I support Jesse in his move to Austin”

“I support Jesse in his move to Austin,” the Oscar winner, 46, tells PEOPLE.

“We have both moved on with our lives and only want the best for each other. Anything else that is said on my behalf is inaccurate.”

The actress also finalized the adoption of her 8-month-old son Louis on Aug. 13. A source revealed that “she is so in love with her child”.

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Patricia Neal died from cancer at 84 years

The actress won the Oscar in 1963 for her role in Hud but she quit acting at the age of 39 due to a series of strokes.

After she got better, she returned to acting and won another Oscar and had several Emmy nominations.

Patricia was born in Tennessee and was married for 30 years to Roald Dahl.

The actress played in movies such as The Day the Earth Stood Still and A Face In The Crowd.

According to one of her family members, the actress said on the day before she died that: “I’ve had a lovely time.”

“She faced her final illness as she had all of the many trials she endured, with indomitable grace, good humor and a great deal of her self-described stubbornness.”

Halle Berry’s house, vandalized with graffiti

The police are investigating the incident, but found no suspects so far. Meanwhile, Mahatma Gandhi’s portrait was removed from the gate.

Halle Berry, aged 43, won an Oscar in 2003 for her performance in “Power of Love”, and became the first African-American actress in history to win this distinction.

The actress appeared in 2007, in “Things We Lost in the Fire” and in 2009 completed shooting “Frankie and Alice,” about a woman suffering from multiple personality.

Sam Mendes and Kate Winslet reunite

Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes, who broke up early this year, after a marriage of seven years, have one son, Joe, and grow together Mia, the daughter of British actress with her former husband, director Jim Threapleton.

Winslet and Mendes met through their mutual good friend, actress Emma Thompson, in 2001, shortly after Kate’s divorce from Jim Threapleton. Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes married in 2003 and lived most of the time in New York and the UK.

Although the two announced in March that they were separated, according to information posted on they will spend together this summer, trying “to reignite the spark” between them, at one of the couple’s residences in Britain.

The British director Sam Mendes is known both in cinema and at the theater. Mendes received a best director Oscar in 1999 for his debut : “American Beauty.”

Kate Winslet was critics favorite last season, when she received an Oscar for her role in “The Reader” and a Golden Globe for her role in “Revolutionary Road”, a film that portrays the development and degradation of marriage in the American families since 1950. The film was directed by Sam Mendes.

The role that made Kate Winslet famous is the one in “Titanic,” which also starred Leonardo DiCaprio, with whom she teamed up again in “Revolutionary Road.”

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Jane Fonda plays again in a French movie, after a break of 38 years

The comedy, produced by Canal +, is a France-Germany co-production and will be directed by Stephane Robelin. The film presents the story of five good friends who decide to move together to avoid ending in a nursing home. In their home appears a young German student of ethnology, whose graduation thesis examines the social effects of population aging.

Jane Fonda will play the role of an American woman living in France for a long time. After this film project, Jane Fonda will start filming “Peace, Love and Misunderstanding”, an independent feature directed by Bruce Beresford, in which she will play toghether with Catherine Keener and Chac Crawford.

The film presents the story of a New York lawyer, played by Catherine Keener, who retired to her mother’s farm, a hippie played by Jane Fonda, after her husband initiated the divorce proceedings.

Jane Fonda won an Oscar for best actress in 1979 for her role in “Coming Home”, and in 1972, for her role in “Klute.”

Oscar, the bionic cat

This cat’s legs had been amputated by a harvester combine, while he was sleeping. The surgery lasted 3 hours, and the veterinarians have inserted the cat new ankles.

The implants attached to these bones were covered with a hydroxyapatite calcium, a substance that helps bone cells to grow and then weld by the metal. The skin helps preventing potential infections. Currently, Oscar is able to walk and jump like any other cat.


Is Sandra Bullock divorcing?

Rumors say that Bullock is decided to divorce James and that she already took steps in order to obtain legal separation.

According to a source close to the Oscar winner, “Sandra is humiliated and feels that her entire marriage was one big lie.”

Further more, she moved out of the home she shares with James and not appeared in public in order to think about what she wants to do with her marriage.

“She’s had enough,” said a source. “She’s ending the marriage.” Sandra has not been seen in public or commented since the “Michelle Bombshell” dropped 13 days ago.

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False rumors divorce on Sandra Bullock’s marriage

Radar Online announced Tuesday that Jesse James would had told Michelle “Bombshell” McGee – the woman who claims she had an affair with Jesse James – that he and Sandra Bullock have already separated, but that there will be a official announcement only after the filming for the latest feature film starring his wife will end.

Jesse James was present with his wife throughout the awards season in Hollywood, during which Sandra Bullock has received all major awards from the American Actors’ Union trophy and finishing with Oscar.

At the Golden Globes gala, the actress also wanted to thank her husband: “It is not surprising that my work became better after I met you,” said Sandra Bullock.