Chris Tucker owes IRS over $11 million

Representatives of the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) showed on Tuesday a number of documents which prove that the actor owes $ 11,571,909, meaning federal taxes from 2001 (USD 4,007,794 ), 2002 (5.060.074 dollars), 2004 (55.544 dollars), 2005 (660.414 USD) and 2006 (1.788.080 dollars).

This is not the first time that Chris Tucker has trouble with the IRS, earlier this year, the state of California taking legal action against the actor, accusing him of non-payment of fees totalizing $ 3,594,409.

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Sarah Ferguson owes her creditors $7m

Moreover, she was caught on video accepting money in exchange for a promise of business access to her ex-husband, Prince Andrew, who is a British trade representative.

“She’s so close to it all collapsing,” a source told the News of the World newspaper.“If everyone she owed money suddenly asked for it back she’d be finished.“Fergie’s no longer a royal but lives an extremely regal lifestyle. Yet behind the scenes it’s like Del Boy.

“Everything is on approval. Her staff are always cutting corners, trying to get a bit longer at a hotel for free, getting everything to be invoiced. It was embarrassing.“Her staff are instructed so when if they are presented with a bill, they’d look offended and say: ‘Surely the Duchess isn’t expected to pay for this?’

“She was hemorrhaging money. One day she spent £4,000 on hair accessories.“She’s so skint she’s using her daughters’ credit cards to stay afloat.

“It’s just c**p that she says she does so much for charity but relies on the kindness of people who are too scared or too nice to ask for payment.” “Sarah needs to earn money and it’s not as easy as you might think for a Duchess to get a job,” a source said.

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