The famous Stig will probably be fired by Top Gear if he publishes his autobiography

BBC sources claim that the famous Stig, Top Gear test driver, plans to publish his autobiography in the near future. Testing pilot, who has never shown his face before, could make an end to his career at Top Gear, treading in the footsteps of his predecessor, The Black Stig, who was exiled from the same point.

Old Stig has published his autobiography without BBC’s approval. Fans learned his true identity: Perry McCarthy, a former Formula 1 pilot. Top Gear producers decided then to fake a tragic end to the famous Black Stig, whose place was taken immediately by the current star of the British show, the White Stig.


It’s almost certain The Stig’s identity is a closely guarded secret covered by his contract with the BBC. If he reveals his identity, it will probably loose his spot at Top Gear, and probably the best job in the world!

It seems that the test driver behind the white suit is unhappy with the money received from the BBC, much lower than stars Jeremmy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond.