Vladimir Putin has no mobile phone and never responds to the phone

Vladimir Putin

During the meeting with employees Norilski Nickel, Putin stunned the audience by declaring that he has no mobile phone. “I do not own a phone, do not use something like this,” Putin said after someone asked him what brand of phone he has.

“If I had had a phone it would ring constantly. In addition, I never respond to the phone I have at home,” said Putin. Unlike Putin, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev is passionate about next-generation technologies he became the first owner of the iPhone 4G in Russia.

Here is the Sony Ericsson Yendo

Sony Ericsson Yendo – Specifications

• Resistive touch screen, 2.6 inch, 240 x 320 pixels
• 2 MP camera without autofocus
• EDGE, Bluetooth 2.1 A2DP
• microSD slot
• Walkman player with Shake Control and Sense Me
• FM Radio
• 3.5mm jack, microUSB port
• SNS (Facebook, Twitter)

Sony Ericsson Yendo opens the road for the Walkman touch phones, and the future models will certainly be richer in features. The phone will be available on market later this year.

Versace Unique has 18 karat gold on it

But those who took care of the electronics were those from LG, a producer with experience in large touchscreen terminals.

Versace Unique is covered with sapphire crystal that protects the screen 3 ” screen from scratches.

Other design elements include 18-karat gold, ceramic, stainless steel and hand processed leather.

Medusa’s image is embossed on the back of the device nest to a 5 MP camera with flash.

Rumors say that the phone will be available in stores starting next month.

This is the phone that dance, cry and smile!

You can customize it based on the number that called you.

Therefore, if a friend calls you the phone will make a happy dance but if you receive a call from your boss, the phone shows an unhappy face.

Using a facial recognition software it can tell you if are happy or upset during a video call.

The prototype called Callo consists of a modular Bioloid kit which was attached to a mobile phone.


The first 3D phone screen by Samsung

The phone is called the SCH-W960 3D AMOLED.

It comes with a AMOLED touchscreen type measuring 3.2 inches and has a WQVGA resolution, a 3.2MP camera, HSDPA support, Bluetooth and microSD slot and also a TV tuner.

However, it seems that the 3D screen doesn’t require the use of glasses.

It has a hardware on / off button of the 3D effect, an effect that, once activated, is visible with naked eye.

We do not know how good is this effect on a phone screen without using glasses.

Bad news is that the SCH-W960, the first 3D mobile phone screen, will be sold only in Korea.

Image source: Go4it

Samsung S3370 ready for sale in one month

Things have changed because the Samsung staff announced they will launch this phone in about a month.The S3370 is an entry-level touch screen phone. It lies somewhere in the range Corby, having a set of technical facilities and an attractive design.

According to rumors, the Samsung S3370 has a 2.6-inch resistive touch screen. It has a 1.3 MP camera, Bluetooth, 3G and radio.
Internal storage space can be filled with microSD cards.Moreover, other rumors say that it reaches to a smart phone due to a number of applications it offers.

It seems that on what concerns the artistic side it has success with GUI Widgets, TouchWiz.Therefore, in one moth we can see the new Samsung S3370 which is rumored to cost around 100 euros.

Image source: go4it

Lady Gaga shocks again!

Moreover, the surprise is that Lady Gaga performed this new song next to Beyonce and we can see Gaga literally with a phone stuck to the side of her head.

She’s really weird but can also admire her talent. When you’re a rumored hermaphrodite who dresses like Marie Antoinette on HGH, what’s a little phone made of hair?

Below you can see some more Lady Gaga pictures from “Telephone” …

Image source: thehollywoodgossip.com

The XP Phone runs Windows 7

The XP Phone launching date wasn’t made public yet, but the phone’s price is estimated between $400 and $650.
According to reports, XP Phone will cost as a last generation smartphone, and Windows 7 installation shouldn’t be impossible due to fact that the phone can anyway run Windows XP.
Here are XP Phone technical specifications :

* Processor: CPU AMD Super Mobile
* Memory: 512MB/1GB
* SSD: 8GB/16GB/32GB/64GB
* HDD: 30GB/60GB/80GB/120GB
* LCD: TFT Touch-screen of 4,8 inches, resolution 800×480
* Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP
* Wireless WiFi 802.11b/g, WiMax(optional), Bluetooth, Stand-alone GPS
* Camera : CMOS, 300k/1,3 millions
* Ports: 1 x plug for headphones,1 x plug for microphone, Docking Connector (includes VGA output signal), 1 x USB 2.0, SIM Slot
* Battery: Lithium-ion, removable
* Call time: about 5 hours, Stand-by: about 5 days.
* Functioning in normal use: about 7 hours (Standard), about 12 hours (Large)
* Weight: 400g (with battery).


Image source: intomobile.com