Condoleezza Rice and Aretha Franklin sang together at Philadelphia’s Mann Music Center

It seems that Condoleezza Rice entertained the audience next to Aretha with two of her hit songs at Philadelphia’s Mann Music Center, then playing a selection of Mozart musical pieces.

This event took place in order to raise money for urban children and awareness for music and the arts. In an interview Rice said: “We were just talking and chatting and she said ‘You play, don’t you?’ “And I said, ‘Yes.’ And she said we should do something together.”

Franklin said she had been surprised at how talented Rice was. “All I had seen of Dr Rice was in a political atmosphere. It just seemed foreign that she would be a classical pianist. “She really does play, she’s formidable.”

Rice played piano while Franklin sang I Say A Little Prayer and My Country ‘Tis of Thee.


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Will Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz play in Breaking Down?

Catherine Hardwicke, director of the first Twilight film said:”It would really break my heart if they were replaced, but it could happen. Things could turn ugly quickly”.

Even if Lutz, 25, and Greene, 23, are Cullen’s kids and they normally should have perform in the next Twilight films, the young actors might not even be all that involved in the negotiations.

“They have all these people and outside influences telling you what to do,” Hardwicke said. “They tell you to hold out for this much because you’re such an important part of the franchise, and everyone is telling you to ask for more.”

It seems that thing might get confused as the case of another Twilight actor: “A lot of stuff can get mishandled and misunderstood,” she said. “That is what happened with Rachelle Lafevre.”

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