UK Police to receive parking sensors for reducing the number of incidents

To reduce the amount of money spent fixing the damage to it cars caused by low-speed accidents, the force spends an average of £60,000 a year mending cars that have been damaged while being parked. Pricing for the new sensors has not been released.

Martin Whysall, South Yorkshire Police’s fleet manager, said, “Police station yards were not necessarily designed for cars and they can be tight in terms of space.”

Not only South Yorkshire Police officers have problems with parking, their colleagues in Merseyside are spending 205,403 pounds (equivalent to 246,480 euros) from April 2009 to April 2010 to repair the stricken vehicle in the parking lot.

Humberside Police buys cars with reversing sensors as standard, whereas North and West Yorkshire police already add parking sensors to the larger vehicles in their fleets.

Was Ben Roethlisberger accused of sexual assault ?

It seems that the incident occurred early yesterday morning at Capital City, a club in Milledgeville, Georgia. Later, the victim was treated at a hospital and released.

Moreover, the witnesses are currently interviewed while Ben Roethlisberger is investigated by the Georgia Bureau of Investigations alongside with Milledgeville Police Department.

Even so, the QB fervently denied assaulting this woman and the previous accusation in 2008 made by Andrea McNulty.
Nevertheless, Roethlisberger has already been interviewed by police but no charges have been filed against him yet.

The star’s reps are denying that the football star sexually assaulted the woman last night, although said denials are short on details as of this moment.

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Alec Baldwin shortly hospitalized

The star was taken by paramedics to a New York hospital where he spent about an hour before being released by a doctor, police said.

The actor follows to co-host the 82nd annual Academy Awards show with Steve Martin on March 7.

According to a New York City police official it seems that just after midnight, Baldwin’s 14-year-old daughter, Ireland, called 911 reporting a dispute.

“She reported he made statements that made her worried that he might harm himself or take pills or something like that,” the police official said.

Matthew Hiltzik, a spokesman for Baldwin, said in a statement the actor was “fine.”

“This was a misunderstanding on one person’s part. Alec was quickly released from the hospital, he’s completely fine and is at work today,” Hiltzik said in a statement.

This isn’t the first incident of this kind because back in 2007, the actor apologized to Ireland on national television after he called her a “thoughtless little pig,” in a ranting voice-mail message that was made public on the Internet.

This followed a bitter, six-year custody dispute over Ireland with his ex-wife, actress Kim Basinger.

Conrad Murray might be charged of homicide

Sources from the Los Angeles County D.A declared today that dr. Conrad Murray might be put under charges for involuntary homicide. Look for charges to be filed as early as next week.

Murray, already questioned twice by police, will confront this charge, most probably on Monday.

Necropsy papers of Michael Jackson shows that the star died due to a overdose of drugs, propofol and lorazepam, some sedatives.

The sources said that the papers were already filed, and the D.A. David Walgren is familiarized with the investigation.

Nevertheless, the L.A.P.D. didn’t officially met with the prosecuting attorney to show the case, but Walgren worked closely with police and he’s aware of the investigation’s evolution.

Michael Jackson died last year, on 25 June, due to a cardiac arrest.


Conrad Murray rumored to go to jail for killing Michael Jackson

Rumors say that it’s almost certain that Conrad Murray will be officially charged of killing Michael Jackson due to the fact that police finished the investigations since last year. As soon as possible the case will be on prosecutors desk in L.A.
The investigation was very laborious and extremely difficult, and evidence that incriminates Murray are sufficient for the prosecutors to accuse the doctor, say people who were taking part of investigations.
Nevertheless, everyone says it will be a complicated case because the doctor did not violate any law by giving MJ Propofol. Murray might be charged of involuntary homicide which means a blatant negligence.


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Actor Charlie Sheen rumored to divorce after the incident on Christmas day

Actor Charlie Sheen admitted to put a four-inch knife on his wife neck and threatened to kill her if she intended divorce, announced Also Brooke Mueller Sheen called at midnight police and reported the incident, saying that she thought she will escape alive from fighting with her husband.

According to investigators, Charlie Sheen rushed to his wife bed and threatened he will cut her neck if she divorces. Moreover, the actor is rumored to tell his wife :” You better be in fear. If you tell anybody, I’ll kill you… I have ex-police I can hire who know how to get the job done and they won’t leave any trace.”

Sheen denied the charges brought by his wife and said that both of them slapped each other over their arms and afterwards he broke his wife two pairs of glasses in front of her because he was mad concerning the divorce. “ I got very mad when she threatened with divorce because of previous experiences”, said Sheen. The actor also was arrested and then exempt after he paid 8.500 dollar bail.

All in all, Sheen and Brooke Mueller married in May 2008 and have two twin boys born in March this year.

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