President Barack Obama won’t go to Chelsea Clinton’s wedding

It seems that President Barack Obama won’t go to Chelsea Clinton’s wedding.

“I was not invited to the wedding,” President Barack Obama said on ABC’s The View, airing Thursday, “because I think Hillary and Bill, properly, want to keep this thing for Chelsea and her soon-to-be husband.”

“You don’t want two presidents at one wedding!” Obama said. “All the secret service, guests going through [metal detectors], all the gifts being torn apart.” The wedding ceremony will take place this weekend in small city of N.Y. State.

Shakira had a brief meeting with President Obama

The meeting between Shakira and the U.S. President was held after the Colombian singer meetings with a number of personalities in the National Security Council and Domestic Policy Council, during which were discussed issues relating to the development of protection measures provided by the state to children in the first months of life.

According to sources at the White House who wished to remain anonymous because the meeting was not entered on the public agenda of U.S. President, Shakira decided on the spot, after the talks with American leaders, to stop in the Oval Office in order to salute Obama.

Shakira is goodwill ambassador for UNICEF and is one of the great voices fighting for children’s rights worldwide.

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