Critics for Apple iPhone 4 of 16 GB in its first sales day

Until now, 27 iPhone 4 owners reported some yellow areas on display, despite any adjustment of brightness. 

It seems that another problem that some users reported refers to a signal error, meaning that if the iPhone is held in hand it has a really bad reception.

Moreover, the iPhone 4 was also tested in order to see how durable it is. Therefore, when it was dropped on the ground, the screen flourished as a frozen winter glass.

On the other hand, this may be only a way to make a bad image against Apple, given that today the iPhone4 started being sold in stores.



Image source: Go4it

NASA will investigate the Toyota problems

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) released a press announce detailing its plan to use NASA engineers to discover the general problem of the Toyota cars (not just those mentioned by the Japanese manufacturer).

The prestigious institution National Academy of Sciences, an independent organization that uses leading experts will examine the issue of uncontrolled acceleration generated by electronic components throughout the automotive industry.

Separately, NHTSA has brought NASA engineers who bring a unique expertise on electronically controlled systems, electromagnetic interference and integration software to analyze the unintended acceleration problem of Toyota vehicles.

The American Congress has already held four hearings on Toyota cars which ended up in fatal accidents. Experts can not agree whether the problem is the defects of electronic components. Toyota said its engineers haven’t found any problem in terms of electronics, according to