GM’s former employee accused of stealing industrial secrets

Shanshan Du, a former General Motors employee, engaged with her husband, Qin Yu, were accused of stealing secret information about hybrid technology developed by the U.S. manufacturer. In January 2005 Shanshan Du copied secret information on a hard disk, and in May 2006 together with her husband destroyed the stolen documents.

During this time, Shanshan Du’s husband talked with Chinese carmaker Chery to offer hybrid technology. Shortly after the destruction of documents, U.S. prosecutors have started an investigation which found the indicted guilty.

According to GM officials, the documents stolen by former employee worth about 40 million dollars. So far the Chinese manufacturer’s officials haven’t said anything. It’s not the first time we see such cases. Last year, Yu Xiang Dong, a former Ford employee was charged and arrested for stealing secret documents from inside the company.

Image source: Automarket