Mel Gibson’s alleged mistress: Violet Kowal

Is likely that she appeared now, in the middle of his fight with Oksana, smelling some of his weak points and also due to his – hard to ignore – fortune, even after an expensive divorce.

Mel Gibson’s alleged mistress Violet Kowal is now in the big leagues of the mistress game – retaining coach attorney Gloria Allred.

Polish “Fitness model” Violet Kowal, said she had an affair with Gibson during the time when Oksana Grigorieva was pregnant with their daughter, Lucia.

It is unclear why Violet Kowal needs legal representation, at this moment. If it worked out for Rachel Uchitel, why wouldn’t she be motivated enough for the many zeroes? She has whom to take from …

Mel Gibson lately went fishing with two of his sons and Oksana lawyers tried to schedule Gibson’s submission for the ongoing battle for custody in the middle of his trip. The appearance date, however, was postponed.

Her people think the delay is evidence that Mel is not quite committed to Lucia. TMZ says Mel will be “front and center for his deposition in short order.”

We’ll wait and see …

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Tiger Woods Divorce Rumors

Rumor has it Elin Nordegren Woods is no longer wearing her wedding band and diamond engagement ring. Also, she plans on seeking a divorce after Christmas, after Tigers’s alleged affair with Cori Rist. Cori apologized a few days ago to Elin Woods for the pain she caused.

Speaking of affairs, Theresa Rogers was identified as Tiger Woods‘ new alleged mistress. Tiger Woods allegedly told Cori Rist that his marriage wasn’t going that well and that he was only staying married for appearances and children. Considering Tiger’s alleged email to Rachel Uchitel, where he spoke to her about the lack of communications he has at home, the pieces of the puzzle are fitting well.

With all of these rumors flying through the web, it’s not that unusual for Elin Woods at least to consider a divorce.


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