Celine Dion, pregnant with twins, was urgently hospitalized in Miami

Rumors say her children have fallen too low in the uterus, and pregnancy may be jeopardized. So far, she hasn’t left the hospital. Since the pregnancy is only six months, the children have little chance of survival in the case of a premature birth. The doctors made a “serclaj” of the uterus (a procedure which tighten the uterus to prevent premature birth). Because of this surgical procedure, she should stay in bed, resting.

So far, Celine Dion, aged 42, lost several pregnancies, obtained after in vitro fertilization.

Celine Dion and her husband, Rene Angelil, have together a nine-year old son, Rene Charles, also conceived through in vitro fertilization. Rene Angelil has three children from two previous marriages.

Celine Dion was born on March 30, 1968, in Charlemagne, among a family with 14 children. In short, her voice became known and loved worldwide. In over 25 years of career, Celine Dion has received numerous music awards and sold over 200 million albums.


Although some say that this rumor belongs to “unfounded and malicious online rumors”, our source was the French Magazine “Ici Paris”. We also stated that this is a rumor … yet to be confirmed or denied …

“She is 100 percent healthy and at home,” Kim Jackwerth, Celine Dion’s publicist, wrote in an email. “I have been speaking to both Rene and Celine weekly and everything is going great. It is very disturbing to have to respond to such malicious reports.”

If Ici Paris lies, we lie … if not it could as well be a PR reply. In the end we all wish Celine Dion all the best for a healthy rest of her pregnancy.

Celine Dion, pregnant with twins

However, Celine Dion aged 42 years announced on her website that she and Angelil are, to become parents of twins, in November. They also have a 9 year old boy, Rene-Charles.

She’ll become a parent again after in vitro fertilization. The sixth test was a success for the couple Celine Dion – Rene Angelil.

image source: nydailynews.com

Celine Dion’s struggle to get pregnant

Nevertheless, Céline Dion is not giving up hope for a second child.

“I’m going to try until it works,” said Dion, 41, who has been giving herself daily hormone shots, and enduring the roller-coaster ride of emotions they bring , after the heartbreaking loss of a pregnancy in August and three other failed IVF attempts last fall.

“Five’s my lucky number,” she added, “so this is the time it’s got to work.”

The singer, has a surprise for her fans all over the world: new concert film and family documentary “Céline: Through the Eyes of the World” which will be released February 17 .

Celine Dion is married to her manager Rene Angélil, 68 and have a son together, Rene-Charles, 9 who is thriving as a second-grader at his new school in Florida.

Image source: nydailynews.com