Sandra Bullock and Jesse James kind of reunite

The ex-couple were spotted near James’ West Coast Choppers shop in Long Beach, Calif.

Although they divorced in June now they are talking again but only for the kids which are close to Sandra.

Moreover, Jesse and the kids will move near Sandra to spend more time together.

A source revealed: “Jesse would not relocate his family [Chandler, 15, Jesse Jr., and Sunny, 6] without consulting with her”.

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Sam Mendes and Kate Winslet reunite

Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes, who broke up early this year, after a marriage of seven years, have one son, Joe, and grow together Mia, the daughter of British actress with her former husband, director Jim Threapleton.

Winslet and Mendes met through their mutual good friend, actress Emma Thompson, in 2001, shortly after Kate’s divorce from Jim Threapleton. Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes married in 2003 and lived most of the time in New York and the UK.

Although the two announced in March that they were separated, according to information posted on they will spend together this summer, trying “to reignite the spark” between them, at one of the couple’s residences in Britain.

The British director Sam Mendes is known both in cinema and at the theater. Mendes received a best director Oscar in 1999 for his debut : “American Beauty.”

Kate Winslet was critics favorite last season, when she received an Oscar for her role in “The Reader” and a Golden Globe for her role in “Revolutionary Road”, a film that portrays the development and degradation of marriage in the American families since 1950. The film was directed by Sam Mendes.

The role that made Kate Winslet famous is the one in “Titanic,” which also starred Leonardo DiCaprio, with whom she teamed up again in “Revolutionary Road.”

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Will Abba reunite?

Even if the group broke up in 1982, they enjoyed continued fame since, thanks to tribute bands mimicking their satin outfits and easy-listening music and lyrics.

They attracted new fans recently with the musical “Mamma Mia!” which was turned into a film.

But they have persistently shunned the chance to regroup, turning down as much as 1 billion dollars to tour again in 2000.

In an interview Benny Andersson and Bjorn Ulvaeus told that an intimate one-off performance that could be screened around the world could be a possibility.

“Yeah, why not?” said Andersson, who now owns a farm where he breeds horses.

“I don’t know if the girls sing anything any more,” he added. “I know Frida was in the studio.”

He added later: “It’s not a bad idea, actually.”

Ulvaeus said: “We could sing ‘The Way Old Folks Do,'” in a reference to one of their “Super Trouper” album songs.

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