Is Apple working on another new tablet already?

They launched the iPad on January 27, 2010 and the rumors about the latest, most advanced piece of technology are already spreading. However, according to TechCrunch, the source of information is kind’of a second-hand source.

Although even before iPad some said that Apple is working at some devices with touch screens between 7” and 10.6” in size, the future device will have up to 15.4”. That’s the current size of an MacBook Pro for instance.

They also say that it’s not gonna be very much like the iPad. It could run a version of OS X, much closer to the traditional version that runs on Macs.

While everyone is still debating the uses of the iPad, a larger tablet would probably have a completely different set of uses.For example, it would likely be meant to be more of a straightforward laptop (or desktop) replacement. With an external keyboard , just as the iPad offers as an accessory, but probably it would be a more integral part of using the device.

When undocked, maybe you could use the thing just as you would an iPad (which is to say, holding it or placing it in your lap and using your fingers to manipulate its screen). And maybe while docked, you would even use a bluetooth mouse or touchpad device attached to the keyboard to interact with it.

“Based on various patent filing and the general trend of multi-touch enabled devices (Magic Mouse, MacBook trackpads, etc) that Apple has been releasing, it seems that Apple is definitely trending in the direction of touch computing as the future of computing. A larger tablet device could serve as a nice transition device between the traditional laptop and this new type of computing. And just as the iPhone has prepared many of us to naturally use the iPad, the iPad may do the same for this new tablet.”, says Siegler on TechCrunch.

So , if we were to recap a bit, the future tablet – not so much of an iPad/iPhone but more of a touch notebook – would have:

  • – 15.4” zise
  • – It will run on OS X (OS X 10.7 maybe?)
  • – Much more power than the iPad
  • – A new set of native OS applications that support multi-touch
  • – A price way over the iPad/iPhone but slightly under the MacBook Pro ($1000 – $1200 ??)
  • – A weight around 2-3 pounds (because they wont need a keyboard and other body parts that a notebook does)
  • – Much likely a very, very, very well made launch with extraordinary appreciations from everyone but mainly from Apple staff, like this one below


Cadillac Converj Going to Mass Production?

Rumor has it that the slinky hybrid-Caddy may be destined for production in a few years’ time.

The Detroit News says that the concept car which shared the power train and lithium-ion battery pack used in the upcoming Chevrolet Volt would be more than just inspiring for the extended-range electric Converj. 

General Motors wants to amortize the cost of expensive system with the shared underpinnings.

Bob Lutz, VC of GM, has said a premium offering with the same technology could allow a higher price tag, another option to offset the cost of the batteries.

Cadillac neither approved nor denied the rumors that the Converj is destined for production, but seeing the new eco-friendly compact offerings from Audi or Lexus, it doesn’t seem that far from truth. The late 2010 is expected to be the start of the production for Converj, as long as the news is correct.


Australia preferred by Apple?

The rumor has it that Apple has approached some media companies to produce content for their new gadget. According to The Sydney Morning Herald:
“Apple has sent specifications of the device to Australian media companies in an effort to sound out whether they would be interested in delivering their content to the tablet. None would speak about the device on the record.
Apple going to newspapers to tell them about their latest device, and force them to keep the secret – isn’t it a bit hard to swallow? Their device “larger than iPhone” would fit well with some apps and games and then with news.
Apple devices are always good news, so I’m sure that as soon as the tablet device is ready, the whole world will find out, and not just Australia.


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Valentino Rossi and Ducati – Love at first sight? says that Valentino Rossi is getting closer to Ducati, citing the Italian paper Il Riformista. According to the source, Uccio Saluzzi, Rossi’s childhood buddy, and Jeremy Burgess, Ducati crewchief, were seen at Borgo Panigale, in the home of Ducati Motor Holding. The rumor has it that Valentino Rossi was sitting in the back of the car that drove the three to Via Antonio Cavalieri Ducati.Also, the rumor has is that the Italian superstar has signed a pre-contract with Ducati, but Fiat really wants to keep him in their team.


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