Russell Brand was arrested

While Russell and fiancé Katy Perry were making their way through LAX airport, an incident with paparazzi took place because he tried to photograph her too closely.

Brand was arrested due to pushing the paparazzi and striking others while he tried to defend Katy. The comedian was released later after he posted $20,000 bail.

Being so caught up with the incident, singer Katy Perry tweeted: “If you cross the line & try and put a lens up my dress, my fiancé will do his job & protect me. ~standbyourman ~don’tf**kwiththeBrands.” Russell Brand did not commented on this arrest.

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Katy Perry admitted stealing from hotels

The singer, engaged to Russell Brand, revealed that she steals from every hotel she stays. “I do steal pillows from every single place I stay. It’s like ‘Princess and the Pea’ and I’m just laying on a bunch of pillows in a big room,” Katy said.

“When I was 17, I went to a really fancy hotel in Japan and stole everything. I was saying to the chambermaid, ‘More lotions please, more fancy chocolates please.’ ” Katy recently traveled around the globe to promote her album ‘Teenage Dream’.

“In the past four weeks alone I’ve been to Los Angeles, Malaysia, Singapore, London, Paris … I’m thankful to even be alive today,” she said. “I feel like I’m growing another head somewhere – my body is definitely reacting to all the traveling. I’ve been zig-zagging all over the world.
“My family are always asking me for my air miles, at least I never run out!”

Katy Perry will present a reality show

ITV wants to sign a contract with Katy for some time now. Everybody thinks she is very appropriate for this, says a representative of the station, quoted by the British newspaper.

The singer, 25, became interested in television after she attended The X Factor. Perry is doing very well in England, her fiancé’s country, Russell Brand, and she wants to spend more time with the British public.

The show won’t be a reality show as we may expect but sort of an observation documentary. The singer is set to borrow her voice for the next movie from `The Smurfs` series.

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Controversial Outfit – Rihanna VS Katy Perry

Katy Perry was desperate for Rihanna to perform a raunchy striptease at her bachelorette party. But we’ll get back to that later …

Listen to her! Rihanna, who called blasphemy Lady GaGa’s video!

Everybody knows that Katy Perry will marry Russell Brand (if they didn’t somewhat secretly married already), but the singer doesn’t dream at a white wedding dress, she wants to wear a latex dress in her wedding day.

Katy Perry: “I’m not a traditional type of person in general but after we get married we have decided we are not going to talk to the media about our relationship.

“This whole new process is exciting and everyone wants to know the details. But after we are married, we’re not going to say anything about us. When you notice we’ve stopped talking about it, we will finally be married.”

Back on the strip dance

Katy Perry said in a radio interview that she is nonconformist. Moreover, she said she hoped that her good friend Rihanna will strip at her bachelorette party:

“Well you know you see people coming and they strip at your bachelorette party? I want her to strip at my bachelorette party,” she confirmed to Chicago’s Kiss FM.

“She’s hot and I love her and she’s just like the coolest chick and I want all of her clothes,” she said.

Katy also revealed how Rihanna kindly offered to take care of what is expected to be a lively hen night.

“Rihanna hopped on the bandwagon of doing it, and was like ‘I’m gonna do it!” she said. “I was like, ‘okay.’ That’s the one thing I don’t have to plan which I’m really excited about.”

Well … yes. Does anyone really expect anything else from a singer who says: “I Kissed A Girl … And I Liked It”?

Katy Perry usually dresses … more unusual, in a Christmas machinery, in an outfit of torture that you can probably find in sex shops, in colorful dresses – like a Candy Cane, while Rihanna keep up with her, looking like a Snow White or like a rock star.

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Russell Brand was involved in a car accident in New York

It seems that the whole incident happened because of a truck that hit Brand’s $238,000 Lamborghini Superleggera while he was on the point to leave the set of the remake he was working on.

Sources that were present at the time the accident took place revealed that: “The whole incident was pretty terrifying. Russell was very shaken. He refused to go to A&E [the emergency room] despite severe bruising on his arm and cuts. He’s gutted, as he’d only just taken loan of the car.”

Moreover, Russell Brand’s mother as soon as she found out about the accident flew out to LA to be with her son.

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Katy Perry already married to Russell Brand?

For example, Katy referred to Russell’s mother Barbara as her ‘mother-in-law’, while Russell himself has been referring to Katy as his wife.

On the other hand, the 25 years old singer said in an interview about Russell: ‘Life’s never dull with him – that’s why I married him!’

The host and also the audience were in shock, but Katy quickly added: ‘That’s why I’m marrying him!’

There were also several words that made us believe that the couple get married.

Moreover, the couple is due to marry in September, just after one year since they started dating.

Katy Perry sent her fiance, Russell Brand, into space

The singer paid for the ticket 100,000 pounds (144,000 dollars) and organized a surprise party for her boyfriend in Los Angeles, where attended relatives and friends of the couple.

Katy Perry wore during the birthday an astronaut suit and decorated the cake with the British flag.

The aircraft were Russell Brand will pick up will climb to an altitude of 15,000 feet, after which the vehicle’s propulsion engines will push up the upper limit of the atmosphere, where the passengers will experience various activities performed in the absence of gravity.

Is Katy Perry Pregnant ?

Beautiful singer Katy Perry was recently the subject of more rumors. Apparently, Katy tweeted some signs that she might be pregnant with her fiancé Russell Brand.

“Let me tell you 2010 is BUMPIN!” said Katy on twitter on first day of the year. Then she continued saying “Hey @rustyrockets” – Brand’s Twitter name – “i heard ur prego-ed. “I WANT IN AND OUT. I love you … (awwwww barf!).”

Moreover, Katy and fiancé Russell Brand are rumored to got engaged on New Year’s Eve, where they spent quality time in India over the holidays.

Rumors also say that Brand had been traveling to Austria to meet Katy’s parents. Even if they did not confirmed the relationship they have, it is obvious in they gestures : the several photos were they were seen together and most important, Katy’s engagement ring.


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