Brigitte Bardot: mediocrity is the product of the Sarkozy regime

In an incendiary letter, sent to the President of the French Republic, Nicolas Sarkozy, but also to AFP news agency, the actress Brigitte Bardot, the symbol of France, but also a world’s sex symbol in the 60s, incriminates quite tough the French President.

“The presence of Sarkozy is a negativity and a disturbing indifference. You (Nicolas Sarkozy), like your ministers, are as useless as they are cowardly, dishonest and beyond ridiculous, have not succeeded and will not be able to thank the French people who choose and who believed in a force of iron, in your promises which you have not kept”.

The famous actress never made a secret of her political orientation, rather rightist. In this letter, passionate, tumultuous, like its author’s personality, doesn’t hide her disappointment about the President.

Being an independent spirit, with strong convictions, evidenced by the creation of the Brigitte Bardot Association (protection and animal rights, massacre of seals, etc.) didn’t miss the opportunity to protect the animals once more: “an emergency aid for the animals treated, in this century, in France, in a barbaric, inhumane, shameful and unworthy way”.