Are George Clooney and Elisabetta Canalis involved in a cocaine scandal?

A source revealed that: “I’ve done cocaine with other people including Elisabetta Canalis.” Moreover, recent reports say that an investigation started back in 2008 into two Milan, Italy nightclubs that were suspected for prostitution and escort combined with alcohol and cocaine which were frequented by celebrities.

“They [the girls] were brought into the clubs by the various characters acting as PR for the evenings to entertain customers at the tables of the private club,” prosecutor Frank Di Maio stated in the investigative documents, according to the Corriere della Sera newspaper. “Their job was to encourage these customers to drink alcohol as to increase the table’s bill, followed up by sex off premises.”

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Kathryn Bigelow’s new movie: scandal in Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay

The Argentinean Minister of Tourism, Enrique Meyer, expressed “deep indignation” at ad for filming the “Triple Border”.

“We discussed this matter with the Minister (Tourism, No) in Paraguay and Argentina. We agreed that such a gesture would put the region in a bad light and we are outraged by this, “he said.

The Paraguay Tourism Minister, Liz Cramer, condemned also the filmmakers intention.

“I spoke with the Minister of Tourism in Argentina and Brazilian authorities. We all are offended” she said. “It would be foolish to work for two pennies, with some people who will present us as the most terrifying creatures on the planet,” she added.

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Scandal in the week before the 82nd edition of the Academy Awards Gala

It seems that the two films, which received nine nominations each, are side by side in race for winning prestigious awards, even if the odds seems to tilt in large part for film “The Hurt Locker, directed by Kathryn Bigelow .

But an unexpected event has affected the countdown before the Oscars Gala, which will take place Sunday evening at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood, the legendary district of American cinema, located in the north-west of Los Angeles.

By a message sent by e-mail, Frenchman Nicolas Chartier, one of the Voltage directors production company that produced “The Hurt Locker”, asked the members to vote in favor for a “independent film” and not for a “feature that had cost 500 million dollars”.

This obvious reference to “Avatar” , the film with a big-budget directed by James Cameron, has created much excitement in Hollywood so that the Oscars Gala organizers formally prohibiting aggressive campaigns of candidates.

The American Film Academy, which organized the ceremony of the famous statuettes since 1929, declined to comment on this incident before to expire the term for voting, scheduled for Tuesday, at 5p.m.

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Tiger Woods between the divorce rumors and the PGA Tour’s Player of the Year Award

While Tiger Woods collected his third major trophy of the week, the PGA Tour’s Player of the Year award, his wife, Elin Nordegren , reportedly proceeds with divorce plans, and almost as an afterthought to the sex scandal that continues to swirl around him.The honor marks the 10th time that his golfing peers have tapped him for the award.

Besides that, Woods came back into the competitive activity after he reconstructed his knee after the surgery, furthermore, he succeeded to win six tour events in 2009,when he previously won it back in 1997, 1999-2003, and 2005-2007.He also won the FedExCup for the second time in three years. Also this week, the Associated Press named Woods the Athlete of the Decade, followed by the Golf Writers of America tapping him for its Player of the Year.

Despite the honors, Woods remains a recluse as the fallout from his serial philandering continues to swirl. In addition to continuing reports about his wife splitting with the kids, the richest athlete in the world has also lost sponsors and may lose more before this whole thing is over.

Because of his selfish and reckless behaviour it’s rumour that Woods squashed a National Enquirer story about another of his affairs back in 2007.


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