Wyclef Jean about Sean Penn: “he was too busy sniffing cocaine”

In a recent NY concert, Wyclef suggested that drug abuse made Sean Penn to criticize the singer’s presidency candidature.

The actor revealed on a Larry King interview how Wyclef presidency candidature might be: “about a vision of flying around the world, talking to people.”

But singer revealed: “I got a message for Sean Penn: Maybe he ain’t see me in Haiti because he was too busy sniffing cocaine,” he sang.

Therefore, the actor’s rep declared: these are “highly irresponsible and false.”

“Mr. Jean is clearly unfamiliar with the physical demands put upon volunteers in Haiti. As aid workers there, the notion of depleting the body’s immune system thru the use of illicit drugs is ludicrous. More specifically, J/P Haitian Relief Organization (a.k.a. JPHRO) has a ZERO tolerance policy for any and all illegal drugs”.

“As the leader of this organization, Sean Penn has not only set this policy, but adheres to it. That Mr. Jean would make such a false accusation is reckless and saddening, but not surprising.”

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Sean Penn and Robin Wright are divorced

The two actors put an ending to their marriage that lasted 14 years, will share custody of their minor son, Hopper Jack, aged 16 years, under the terms of their separation agreement.

According to official documents, a judge in Los Angeles pronounced the divorce between Sean Penn and Robin Wright Penn on July 22.

Details of the financial arrangements between the two actors were not given to the court in Marin County.

Penn, aged 49, and Robin Wright Penn, aged 44 , have also a daughter, Dylan Frances, aged 19 years.

The two married in 1996 and the first attempt to separate took place in December 2007, when Sean Penn and Robin Wright Penn have initiated the divorce but after several months, they have reconciled and dropped the action.

In early 2009, Senna Penn filed the official acts required by the legal separation from his wife, but dropped it for the second time, in May, saying his action was “an arrogant mistake.”

But in August 2009, Robin Wright Penn was the one who filed for divorce, in northern California, where the couple resides, citing “irreconcilable differences.”

Sean Penn, who was previously married to Madonna said recently that his wife, Robin, is “a ghost”. “Robin is a ghost to me now. We spent all those years together… Now she’s just gone.”

Speaking after moving out of home prior to the former couple beginning divorce proceedings for the fourth time, Robin admitted she had reached a “crossroads” in her personal life.

She said: “I hit that crossroad a while ago. The ‘I know what I don’t want’ was flashing in neon lights. I have no regrets. I, we, have two amazing children we raised together.

“There’s no limbo anymore. There’s no time. I’m too old for this s**t.”

Brad Pitt will play the lead role in a movie with zombies

Max Brooks, who attended the Comic Con convention in San Diego, said that Brad Pitt will have a leading role in this movie.

Moreover, the writer announced that Paramount has purchased film rights to his other two projects – “The Zombie Survival Guide” and “The Zombie Survival Guide: Recorded Attacks.”

Plan B, the film production company owned by Brad Pitt, has acquired rights to the “World War Z” in 2007. For the same project bid company Appian Way, owned by Leonardo DiCaprio.

Brooks announced at the same time that Paramount plans to launch “World War Z” in summer, 2012. The film will be directed by Marc Forster, who also directed the latest “James Bond: 007 – Quantum of Solace”.

Brad Pitt will be seen in coming months in “The Tree of Life” with Sean Penn and in “Moneyball”, directed by Bennett Miller. Brad may also interpret one of the main roles in “The Imperfectionist”.

Brad Pitt, aged 46, is an actor and film producer. He received Golden Globe nominations and three other prestigious awards, but also two Academy Award nominations for his roles in films “The Strange Story of Benjamin Button” and “Army of the 12 monkeys”.

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Madonna and Sean Penn’s recent encounter will revive romance between them?

But, according to Liz Rosenberg, Madonna’s publicist, this thing is not true : “Madonna was at the St. Regis having dinner with friends while Sean stopped by the table to say hello. He sat for ten minutes and then left. Madonna continued with her dinner. That’s all it was.”

The two had a four-years marriage and got divorced in 1989. Nevertheless, Madonna divorced her second husband, Guy Ritchie in 2008 and now has a relationship with much younger man Jesus Luz 22 years old while Penn’s wife, Robin Wright Penn, filed for divorce from him in August.