Selena Gomez still loves Nick Jonas

The 18 year old actress hasn’t been dating for 6 months now and revealed that she feels good this way, admitting that she still loves Nick Jonas.

I love him. I’m very, very glad that all of that’s in the past and that I can move forward. It’s very difficult, but ..I love him, he’s great.’

Dating anyone now? ‘I’m not looking. I’m very happily single and enjoying being 18 and just think boys are kind of not an option at the moment, ’cause I’m kind of really busy. But that’s OK. I think boys give me a little bit of a headache.’

Selena Gomez is dating Mark Salling

It seems that the two young stars were in close terms at Sunday night’s Teen Choice Awards, when they were seen texting each other.

The source revealed that Selena was really attentive when Mark was on stage: “Every time Mark came up on stage, she was beaming ear to ear”.

Salling’s career and personal life seems to go better and better due to Glee September 21 airing and also his solo album release.

Mark’s album will debut on October 12 and would be called Pipe Dreams. The singer/actor said: “I’ve been waiting for a long time to get it out to you guys, and I hope you really feel it and enjoy it!”