Lindsay Lohan’s sentence “harsh and unfair”

Shawn Chapman Holley said that Lohan’s sentence is “far harsher than what others would have received under similar circumstances.” “The reality is that Ms. Lohan, like most defendants, had to balance work commitments and court requirements,” Holley said in her statement.

“To be punished so severely for doing so, particularly in light of the fact that she substantially complied with each of her probationary conditions, is harsh and unfair.”

Moreover, regarding Lohan’s nail message, her attorney said: “The fact is, the words could barely be seen by the naked eye.

That a courtroom camera, purportedly there to accurately chronicle the proceedings, would use a telephoto lens to zoom in as it did to Ms. Lohan’s fingernail is a commentary on the entire issue,” Holley said.

Attorney Shawn Chapman Holley added that Lohan “is prepared to serve her jail time and comply with the court’s orders.”

Image source: Reuters