George Clooney to have some sex scenes in The American

Even so, his co-star wasn’t that impressed, as a woman should be, when thinking about getting naked with Clooney.

“He confessed … that he didn’t do lots of sex scenes,” Violante Placido, who plays prostitute Clara and Clooney’s love interest in the film, tells PEOPLE. “I felt like this was in a way something new to him, he wasn’t that experienced.”

“We had to find a way to make it natural and let your body speak somehow,” Placido says. “We were very open to one another to try and make it work. We just said ‘let’s trust each other’ and we did. I felt like we had to let ourselves go.”

The actress added that is was important for the film to get the scene right. “It had to look real; it is the turning point for the two characters,” she says. “I can tell you that watching it, I don’t feel as calm as I did when I was on set filming it. Just watching it is a little like … wow.”

The film is set to arrive in theaters on September 1st.

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Kristen Stewart is set to play some dirty sex scenes for her upcoming film

According to tabloid Life & Style, they have a copy of the script in which Stewart plays the role of a 16-year-old named Marylou in new movie On the Road. Marylou’s character participates in a threesome; requests to watch two people get it on; and brags about her love for oral sex.

This certainly is a major change for Kristen, but why did she need it?

Ryan Schinman, media expert and CEO of the talent-branding agency Platinum Rye Entertainment commented on this subject: “Many actors who are entering adulthood want to make their own mark and stop being seen as bubblegum, cookiecutter teen stars. Kristen likely wants to be taken more seriously as an actress – and show she’s not afraid to break out of the mold.”