Robert Pattinson talks about his sex scene with Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart talks about the couple’s sex scenes in Breaking Down: “It does actually literally get more physical. It doesn’t get more action-packed … [But] they definitely get more physical. Well, they get married.”

It seems that in the new film there will be some scenes where Bella will give birth to a child: “Well, they’re man and wife now,” Stewart says leadingly. “They have a kid and stuff too, so, I guess to get there that happens.”

The actress also added with an ironic tone: “We totally have sex – finally!” On the other side, actor Robert Pattinson was impressed by a romantic moment between Edward and Bella.

“I’m looking forward to the pillow-biting scene,” he says with a laugh. “I thought that was so funny. Of all the random things too do, really? He bites the pillow.”

The new film will also bring more showing skin, “I can’t wait to get all my body makeup on,” Pattinson says, “to be especially pasty looking.”

Carla Bruni made some confessions to the U.S. First Lady, Michelle Obama

According to, this information was revealed in the book “The Promise: President Obama, Year One” by Jonathan Alter, the Newsweek editor.

After hearing Carla Bruni’s story, “Michelle Obama laughed and said that this did not happen to them” said Jonathan Alter.

The couple Nicolas Sarkozy-Carla Bruni is famous for not being punctual. In 2008, the two made Prince Charles of Great Britain to wait, at the celebration of the 90th anniversary of the Armistice of 1918.

The book “The Promise: President Obama, Year One” will be released in U.S. next week.

Sandra Bullock ”suspected” that Jesse had an affair?

Not to mention that he hasn’t apologize properly for his actions.

It seems that recently rumors say that Sandra had her suspicions that Jesse wasn’t being faithful before the Michelle McGee story even and confronted her husband several times.

“They got into four or five blowouts over it and every time he denied everything,” an inside source said.

“The only thing he would admit was the strip clubs.”

We all know that “Bombshell” McGee and Melissa Smith are strippers.

Other rumors say that Bullock even took out a restraining order, in addition to preparing divorce papers.

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Facebook accused of recurrence in cases of syphilis

The incidence of syphilis has quadrupled in Sunderland, Durham and Teesside, areas in UK where Facebook is most popular.

This was due to social network that gives people new ways to meet several unknown sexual partners.

Professor Peter Kelly, director of the Department of Public Health in Teeside, said that his team found a link between social networks and the alarming increase in syphilis infections, especially among young women.

“Syphilis is a devastating disease. Anyone who makes unprotected sex with people who do not know, are exposed to a very high risk. ”

According to, in Teeside were announced 30 cases last year, but unofficial figures are much higher.

A spokesman for Facebook warned users to be careful when meeting with people they have met online.

Tiger Woods between the divorce rumors and the PGA Tour’s Player of the Year Award

While Tiger Woods collected his third major trophy of the week, the PGA Tour’s Player of the Year award, his wife, Elin Nordegren , reportedly proceeds with divorce plans, and almost as an afterthought to the sex scandal that continues to swirl around him.The honor marks the 10th time that his golfing peers have tapped him for the award.

Besides that, Woods came back into the competitive activity after he reconstructed his knee after the surgery, furthermore, he succeeded to win six tour events in 2009,when he previously won it back in 1997, 1999-2003, and 2005-2007.He also won the FedExCup for the second time in three years. Also this week, the Associated Press named Woods the Athlete of the Decade, followed by the Golf Writers of America tapping him for its Player of the Year.

Despite the honors, Woods remains a recluse as the fallout from his serial philandering continues to swirl. In addition to continuing reports about his wife splitting with the kids, the richest athlete in the world has also lost sponsors and may lose more before this whole thing is over.

Because of his selfish and reckless behaviour it’s rumour that Woods squashed a National Enquirer story about another of his affairs back in 2007.


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