Geely brand will be closed by 2012

Geely’s bosses announced last week that they will waive that mark by 2012. Chinese Corporation will not give up, however, the production cars, Geely brand waiver is only a marketing position to hand over the sub-brands Gleagle, Englon and Shanghai Emgrand to promote in China and international.

Emgrand brand is the luxury division of Geely, while Gleagle is Chinese world brand name and an acronym for Global Eagle.

Market withdrawal of Geely brand will be complete with moving Freedom Ship, Yuan Jing to Gleagle and moving King Kong and Golden Eagle to Shanghai Englon.

Once completed this marketing maneuver, the Chinese will be ready to close Geely. It is unclear whether Geely corporate name will be changed or not.

The changes made in Geely structure doesn’t affect Volvo, which has just been bought by Chinese.

Changes in the Geely brand refers particularly to the Chinese market. Thus, Chinese automobile manufacturer wants to increase its number of branches and increase profitability of existing dealers.

The quality of repairs will be also increased in the hope of loyalty to existing customers. Under-performing dealers will be removed from Geely network to avoid losses.