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“When The Light Hits Me”
by Mo and Mary

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Shania Twain to release her autobiography in 2011

As her publishers recently announced, the singer will reveal who she struggled to be someone in country music industry. According to Simon & Schuster, the autobiography will be available on market starting the first half on 2011.

It seems that Shania will describe the difficult moments that she has been since the 1987 tragic death of her parents and how she struggled to take care of her three younger siblings.

She said that the book is “an honest and complete account of my life, in my own words.” “There have been moments in my life I was concerned by the reality that tomorrow would never come. Recently I experienced one of those moments to an intensity that brought on a sudden urgency to document my life before I ran out of time,” she said.

Shania Twain divorced to get back with Frederic Thiebaud?

It seems that her divorced from Robert “Mutt” Lange was finalized in Switzerland. Nevertheless, the 44 year-old singer looked extremely happy at the Swiss Red Cross Ball on May 29.

She danced all night long with Frédéric Thiébaud (the other woman’s ex-husband), and according to some rumors, “she was radiantly happy”. 

“Her happiness certainly shone through. They are a great addition to each other’s lives ” says her friend Stéphane Lagonico, an ambassador for the Swiss Red Cross, who organized the ball.

Her next step in her life will be to shoot Why Not? With Shania Twain, her series on the Oprah Winfrey Network. There are also rumors saying that Shania might be the next American Idol judge.

Besides that, rumors say that she and Thiébaud might get back together: “Shania and Fred are a couple that fit together. Things are getting really serious with Fred.” 

Mirror, mirror on the wall who’s the prettiest of them all?

Every year Americans try to find among all women celebrities the most beautiful one, the perfect woman. In the past years, Angelina Jolie had been chosen as most beautiful woman due to polls . Until last year when Canadians realized that beautiful actress Jessica Alba 29 has an a huge history of sexy titles. She was the favorite of top sexiest woman in several men magazines.

Rumors say that surgeons esthetician qualified Jessica Alba as the woman with a perfect body. Their measurements say that body’s perfection is when the size of thighs, divided by waist size, has as result 1,6.

On the other hand, another group of experts from San Diego University, say that perfect beauty comes from face features. Consequently, they measure several celeb faces as Jessica Alba, , Kirsten Dunst, Penelope Cruz, Bette Midler, Barbra Streisand or Jessica Simpson, they decided that perfection is embodied by Shania Twain and actress Rosie O’Donnel. After they analyze several celebrities photos they realize that Jessica Simpson and Rosie O’Donnel are the less beautiful from their top.

Moreover, in 2008 British say that the most beautiful woman would be Carlizina Jolectron : a combination between the hair and flashy lips of Angelina, Carmen Electra’s eyes and Charlize Theron’s nose.

Italians, of course, found themselves to have an absolute beauty, although it’s different than former beauty queens. According to them, the italian actresse Monica Bellucci is the beauty queen.

Jessica Alba

Angelina Jolie

Monica Bellucci

Charlize Theron