Fine of $1 million for a speed of 290 km/h in Switzerland

Switzerland has become one of European countries with the most severe fines for speedy drivers. A recent case proves it. It was recorded on the highway linking Lausanne to Bern.

A Mercedes SLS AMG was surprised by the police radar with a speed of 290 km/h, well above the speed limit – only 120 km/h. The difference of 170 km/h resulted in the issuance of a fine hard to imagine, because in Switzerland, the warning is directly proportional to the revenues of the accused.

In these circumstances, the German supercar owner will have to pay a fine amounting to one million dollars, almost three times the price of the car. Police wanted to ensure that the owner, aged 37, will pay the fine, so they confiscated the his SLS AMG.

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The Cigarette Racing 46 Rider inspired by Mercedes SLS AMG

Super cars can born passions or inspire creation of other areas. SLS is the example of Mercedes AMG sport model produced in Stuttgart, who impressed by its aggressive design with retro prints.

The super car served as inspiration for Americans of the Cigarette Racing, a company specialized in exclusive engine boat, which revealed in an event held in Miami a speed boat, named Rider 46.

To create a match between the two products for only speed, Cigarette used the same paint exclusive, the AMG Alubeam silver applied by hand on SLS.

The painting technique makes the metal surface to reflect light to highlight better guidelines design. Inside, the boat has exclusive materials such as fine Nappa leather, which covers the seats, same as the German super car.

Although it’s inspired by SLS AMG , the boat from the Cigarette comes equipped with two Mercury V8 engines, capable of developing a total of 2,700 horsepower, far above the 571 horses of the German model.

There are not any details about the price of the boat 46 Rider, but it is very likely to aggregate a sum of seven figures.

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