Marilyn Monroe chest X-rays sold for $45.000

Three chest X-rays of Marilyn Monroe were sold to 45,000 dollars, during the auction “Hollywood Legends” held in Las Vegas, inform

The X-rays were made in 1954, at Cedars of Lebanon in Florida. The actress was then hospitalized for endometriosis, a disease of the uterus which caused her powerful pain.

Monroe was at that time in the process of divorce with baseball player Joe Di Maggio.

A doctor working at the hospital’s radiology department later got Monroe’s X-rays and used it as teaching materials for his students.

And later gave the x-rays to his daughter, who has now pulled the auction, to the delight of fans of Marilyn.

Jackson’s crystal-studded glove sells for $190,000

The pop singer wore the glove while touring in 1984 in his Victory tour. Julien’s Auctions at Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas, was the place that the glove was auctioned.

Among the 200 items auctioned, several ones were fetched 10 times their value. “It just shows you Michael Jackson is the most sought after and most collectible celebrity of all time. It was just phenomenal,” said Darren Julien, the man who ran the auction.

“People flew in from Asia, Russia, all over. Now that he’s gone, we now realize the true legend we lost,” he added.

Image source: BBC

Ferrari 250 GTO sold for $20million

The Supercar, manufactured between 1962 and 1963, was bought for a total sum of 20 million dollars by an anonymous person whose identity was not disclosed by the auction house.

Rumors say that the new owner of the Italian model is Chris Evans, a popular presenter of the BBC, which two years ago has acquired a Ferrari 250 GT Spyder California from 1961, for a price of seven million euros.

The car is part of the second GTO series, and is characterized by a series of body parts other than those of the 36 units produced in 1962.

Image source: Automarket

Windows 7, sold in over 100 million copies by now?

In just six months since it was launched, Windows 7 has become the fastest selling operating system in history.

Microsoft announced recently that they already sold 100 million copies of the licensed Windows 7.

This means that one in ten computers worldwide are now running Windows 7 (licensed).

Microsoft’s revenue increased so that in the first quarter they won $14.5 billion.

Image source: Go4it

Volvo will be sold to Geely

Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping will arrive this weekend in Sweden to discuss with representatives of the North-European state the final details related to crossing Volvo in the portfolio of the Chinese manufacturer Geely.

If the business will be closed, buying the brand Volvo will become the largest car deal in China’s history, total costs reaching two billion dollars.

Volvo representatives confirmed the visit of the Chinese State man, sources inside of the North manufacturer announced that the deal will be officially announced in a ceremony which will take place on Sunday.

Zhejiang Geely, announced that Volvo’s main target will be achieving profit by 2011 by building new factories in China and by doubling the annual production.

Currently, the only barriers to a deal between Ford and Geely about sale Volvo are the protests of the Volvo union workers in Sweden, who are frustrated that until now have not received any information regarding the Volvo needs in post-sale period, the number and name of the investors behind the deal and the company’s management.

5% of the Audi sold cars will be electric

About 5% of the total cars that Audi will sell in 2020 will be electric models, believes Michael Dick, one of the German mark’s directors.

Audi sets up until Sunday, at its stand from the Geneva Motor Show, the concept of “A1 e-trone”, an electric version of the fresh class model of small size launched by Audi A1.

A1 e-trone is the third concept 100% electric presented by the manufacturer and also the smaller one.

Last year, at the Frankfurt Motor Show, and in early 2010, at the Detroit Motor Show, Audi displayed other two e-throne concepts, both with sportive claims.

In addition, Audi has decided that one of the sport e-throne concepts to enter into series production in 2012 at the latest.

Even if there isn’t any official announcement concerning this matter, is almost certain that the A1 concept e-throne will make, at a certain time, the step to be a self status model.

Michael Dick told “Automobilwoche” that Audi needs about three years in order to implement the A1 e-trone in the commercial range.

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