Christina Aguilera, as we know her, as we all want her!

Wow! Wow! Wow! What a voice! What a song! Absolutely phenomenal!

Although the album sales (Bionic) were far below expectations, some even speaking of a big failure, this song – “You Lost Me” – is likely to offset the poor results of the new album and to sweeten the disapointment caused by “Not Myself Tonight”.

And if you are a fan of Christina Aguilera you will want to see her first movie – Burlesque – which will be released this autumn.

It’s a musical starring Christina Aguilera along with other big names like Cher and Stanley Tucci. The movie tells the story of a young girl who runs away from her home town, goes to Los Angeles to become famous.

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Lady Antebellum’s Need You Now hits the charts

The trio’s new song Need You Now has already claimed almost one-third the sales total of which means they had sold 1,453,000 million copies.

It seems that their debut album sold 43,000 in its opening week to debut at No. 4 on the Billboard 200 in May 2008.

Since Taylor Swift’s Fearless debuted at No. 1 in November 2008 with sales of 592,000 no other song achieve this performance than song Need You Now which racked up the best first-week sales.

Moreover, song Need You Now knocks Fearless from the top spot of the country albums chart which makes Swift slips to second place while Lady Antebellum claims the No. 3 position.

Need You Now positioned as a No. 1 for five weeks on the country singles chart while in Billboard’s pop songs chart the song climbed from No. 37 to No. 30 on this week.

Lady Antebellum’s latest song called “American Honey” reached No. 17 on the country songs chart after being released to radio seven weeks ago.

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New rumors on Britney Spears and David Guetta new song

According to recent rumors, Britney Spears will not disappoint her fans around the world because she will launch a new musical material on market in March this year, besides that, the song will be produced by David Guetta. For now, we don’t know yet the song name nor the album’s name.
Nevertheless, the album will have also the new single, and will be set on market on summer. Also, the singer promises that the new album will be extremely special because of the epic sound.
Rumors say Britney will promote this type of pop music as premiere. This type of pop epic isn’t the kind of music that Britney made us common with. Epic pop is a musical style very rhythmic and has an emotional sound and lyrics that make you cry.
Moreover, miss Spears is working with composer and producer Jon Asher to realize this new album. On the other hand, Jon Asher hopes that Britney will borrow something from his music.


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