Enrique Iglesias made the bet after the defeat of Spain with Switzerland

Enrique Iglesias made the bet after the defeat of Spain with Switzerland, in its first World Cup match in South Africa.

“A bet is a bet,” said Enrique when Access Hollywood asked him if he would keep his promise. But he didn’t specify when exactly he’ll do what he promised.

Enrique Iglesias bet in a BBC interview on June 23: “If Spain wins, I’ll get drunk and go water-skiing, naked, in Biscayne Bay in Miami.

So, all the ladies out there, Biscayne Bay, Miami, flight reservation. Now!

After an unconvincing start, Spain managed to become world champion in football, Sunday, after a final with Holland.

Kylie Minogue spent Christmas in Spain

Singer Kylie Minogue went to Barcelona to spend Christmas with future in-laws, the family of boyfriend Andres Velencoso, which lives in Costa Brava.

This choice was a difficult one for Kylie because her parents stay in Australia.

The couple reached to a compromise : they stayed one week in Sydney, with Kylie’s family before flying to Spain on Christmas, to celebrate holydays with Andres family, his father and his sisters. This is not the first time when the singer meets Velencoso’s family, they met last June, when they gave a helping hand for the bar which they have in Tossa del Mar.

Besides that, rumor say that last week, the two lovers stayed in Melbourne with Kylie’s sister, Danii Minogue, and her boyfriend, Kris Smith.