Paris Hilton arrested in South Africa after smoking marijuana on a stadium

She is accused of smoking marijuana during the match between Brazil and Netherlands but was released shortly afterwards.

Considered “No. 1 defendant”, Paris Hilton appeared relaxed in front of the judge Xolile Dlulisa who announced that the charges against her were withdrawn.

Hilton thanked the magistrate and left the court after a hearing that lasted only three minutes and took place during the night between Friday and Saturday.

She appeared with her girlfriend Jennifer Rovero, aged 31, who had to choose between paying a fine of 1,000 maw (128 dollars) or carry a sentence of 30 days in jail for possession of marijuana. Rovero decided to pay the fine.


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Soundproof stadium for the World Cup 2010

The stadium has a capacity of 69,070 seats, you can realize what will be there.The sound isolation was made with a transparent roof made up of 9,000 glass panels, arranged in a circle above the seats.

 To reflect the sound inside the stadium, from the panels have been caught some Teflon nets and fiberglass.The roof will not only help create a unique atmosphere, but also will protect the spectators from the unpredictable weather phenomena: rain, strong wind, even storms.

The roof’s shape is concave and diverts the wind around the stadium.

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