Comic Robert Schimmel died at the age of 60

The car was driven by his 19 year-old daughter Aliyah who swerved to avoid another car and rolled on to the side of the freeway.

According to Howard Bragman , Aliyah is currently hospitalized but in a stable condition.


Comedian Jimmy Kimmel announced via Twitter the death of his fellow: “I have no official confirmation but am told that Bob passed away. I hope I have been given bad information, but don’t think so.”

Official news came via Jeff Schimmel’s Facebook page, who is a Robert’s brother.

“ROBERT SCHIMMEL. Son, Brother, Father, Grandfather, Comedian, Generous Man. I have always loved you, admired you, and was proud to be your biggest fan. I will never forget a single moment. R.I.P.”

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George Lopez speaks out about his visits to Sandra Bullock

“She’s my fairy godmother. She knows how much I care about her. And, you know, when times are tough, friends step up.”

Lopez also said: “She’s a beautiful person, and when she needs friends, of course I’m going to be there.”

The two have been close since 2000, when Bullock discovered Lopez, who was then a stand-up comic. Two years later, she executive produced his hit television show, George Lopez.

“Sandra Bullock completely gave me life,” Lopez told People in a 2006 interview.

Being friend with Sandra what would Lopez has to say to Bullock’s husband, Jesse James, if he saw him on the street?

Nothing, he told E! “Oh, he’d kick my ass,” he said. “I can’t beat him up. That dude’s strong!”