Jennifer Lopez banned her ex-husband, Ojani Noa, to audition on American Idol

The singer seemed to have a nice attitude towards her fans and also from Fox staff even if reports said that her future demands would be huge.

Rumors say that her former husband, Ojani Noa, might be on the show but the singer declared: ‘I was like, “Listen, it’ll be gone tomorrow. Don’t worry about it. I was just looking forward to getting started.”

An American Idol insider told RadarOnline: “Jennifer told Fox to make sure that the screeners at the auditions would not let Ojani anywhere near the auditions.

“Fox made it clear he was not welcome and that he could be arrested if he showed up so he dropped the plan at the last minute.

“It was a shame because all he wanted to do was to showcase his voice and show people that he can really sing too.”

The source added: “Whenever Ojani tries to do something Jennifer just tries to block it any way that she can – nobody really knows what she’s so paranoid about.”

Regarding J. Lo’s diva demands, Nigel Lythoe even joked about it: “We heard that she only likes yellow M&Ms,” he said. “I’m thinking, ‘Who’s going to pick them all out for her?'”

It seems that the singer signed a contract estimated at $12 million and not a $15 million as rumors said.

“I can tell you from the Fox standpoint, the deal was not tough. There were no diva demands. It was a really easy, comfortable deal with both parties.”

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Will Jennifer Lopez be the new judge of American Idol?

Recently Ellen DeGeneres announced her departure from the show after one season and now Kara DioGuardi is rumored to be out too.

According to site tmz, she had been already fired twice from the show. Recently there were several rumors about the show in which Jennifer Lopez will be joining as a new judge.

According to a source the rumor ‘It’s true. She’s excited about it.’ On the other hand, some rumors say that Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler would replace Simon Cowell judging seat.

Some other singers that were rumored to be judging the show were: Elton John, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Simpson. As for an official opinion about this matter, a spokesperson for the Fox network said: ‘We are not commenting on any rumors or speculation.’

The next series of the show returns in January.

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Joe Perry, Aerosmith guitarist involved in a car accident

The 59-year-old rocker confirmed this information, explaining also that the accident occurred in the area of Taunton in Massachusetts.

Joe Perry was immediately transported by ambulance to Morton Hospital and Medical Center nearby. According to, Joe was released the same day.

The driver Linda O’Brien, aged 62 who hit Joe Perry was fined by police for not keeping the safe distance in traffic regulations.

All Aerosmith band members have suffered health problems over the past decade. Joe Perry, for example, has suffered from complications arising after knee surgery.

The band had to cancel its summer tour in 2009, after Steven Tyler fell on stage in the middle of a piece, fracturing his shoulder. Several other shows were canceled at the beginning of the tournament, because Steven Tyler injured his leg. His colleagues did not show any mercy, publicly attacking the behavior of the famous singer and accusing him that he began to take drugs again.

In May 2008, Steven Tyler was hospitalized in a clinic to treat his drug addiction, saying that he needed “a safe environment” to overcome that “pain more severe than previously thought” that you feel after a series of operations to the leg.

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Will Steven Tyler be excluded from Aerosmith?

Moreover, it seems that Tyler was one of those short listed to replace Robert Plant when he decided not to pursue a Led Zeppelin reunion after their one-off London show in 2007 and according to Zep’s Jimmy Page, the audition was “awkward”.

It seems that one day “Steven disappeared and I called around. Somebody said he was in London trying out for Led Zeppelin. It’s something I’ve never talked about before. It’s a kind of window into how hard it’s been to keep the partnership together. It’s not the first time things like this have happened – that’s the downside of our relationship”, said Joe Perry from Aerosmith.

More than that, Tyler turned up without knowing enough about Led Zep’s set or gameplan, and was under the impression he’d be joining the band to write new material – which wasn’t currently under discussion and the session was “shambolic”.

Rumors say that Tyler hasn’t spoken to Aerosmith about the episode to this day, lending credence to the suggestion that even though he’s decided he wants to remain in the band, his colleagues have run out of patience with him.

In consequence to that, Tyler’s legal representatives last week said they were prepared to take legal action to prevent his replacement in Aerosmith.