Madonna sued for using the Material Girl Brand illegally

It seems that the company filed a lawsuit against the singer claiming she soled their trademark. The L.A. Triumph’s attorney said: ‘Our client and its predecessor have been continually selling similar clothes in similar retail outlets at similar price points under their Material Girl brand since at least 1997 and Madonna and her new-found company do not have the right to trade in the same space under this brand.’

Even so, Madonna’s daughter, Lourdes, 13, was the one that designed the Material Girl Brand, that Madonna is being sued now. The singer told People magazine how Lourdes inspired the clothing line: ‘I usually tell her to take off her three-inch or six-inch platforms and pull her skirt down just a little bit and take off some of the black eye makeup.

‘My role is really to make sure we were all going in the right direction … and it was a line that I could stand behind and be proud of and feel good about and one that she could also feel represented her. … ‘I really like the way Lola dresses, and I think this line is absolutely an extension of her taste.’

Actress Taylor Momsen, 17, was the image of Material Girl Brand launched several weeks ago by Madonna in the Macy’s stores. Until now, no comments were given by Madonna concerning this matter.

Paris Hilton sued because she hasn’t complied with a contract

It seems the company called Hairtech International’s Dream Catcher filed a lawsuit at the L.A. County Superior Court.

Besides, Paris was “seen in magazines and on television not wearing [their] hair extensions and was in fact wearing competitors’ hair extension products.”

Hairtech claims that Paris was missing an important “launch party” being in jail at that time, missing that ended up with $6.6 million in revenue that the company lost.

Therefore, Paris Hilton is accused of fraud and deceit by Hairtech for losing $35 mil.

Fantasia Barrino could be sued by the wife of her lover due to affair allegations

Fantasia’s attorney declared: “women can sue women for stealing husbands.”

Gena Graham Morris also said: “heartbalm torts … where a wife can sue a third party for having a relationship with her husband“.

“The heartbalm torts arise out of the notion that women were once property that could be stolen like televisions. It is a comical irony that in 2010 women can sue women for stealing husbands.”

Fantasia’s attorney also added that in case her client gets sued, she will make everything to “vigorously defend” her.

“For the sake of everybody involved I hope [Fantasia] is not sued because she did not break up the Cooks’ marriage”, said the attorney.

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Dr. Dre sued by Paramount

Moreover, Paramount representatives say that Dr. Dre hasn’t paid the hours he spent in their L.A. studio.

In documents filed last weekend in Los Angeles Superior Court, Paramount claims that Dr. Dre, whose real name is Andre Young, has not paid for hours she pent in the California studio during April 2009 – June 2010.

According to the same documents, Andre Young had promised to pay the amount before July 13 but has not fulfilled his promise.

According to a source, the rapper had used the same recording studio in the past 10 years and benefited from a preferential tariff.

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Casey Affleck, sued for sexual harassment

The woman is accusing him of sexual harassment and unpaid services, after she refused to spend a night with him in a hotel room.

Amanda White, one of the documentary producers “I’m Still Here: The Lost Year Of Joaquin Phoenix”, filed the documents in Los Angeles Superior Court, on Friday. She accuses Casey Affleck of unappropiate behavior on the set and of “uninvited and unwelcome sexual advances in the workplace”.

White, who worked on the movie “Good Will Hunting” with Affleck and his brother, the actor and director Ben Affleck, said she reached a verbal agreement to invest $50,000 in the unconventional documentary production about Joaquin Phoenix (Affleck’s brother) to reinvent himself as a rap artist. But according to White, the offensive behavior allegedly began almost immediately.

“On one occasion, Affleck instructed a crew member to take off his pants in order to show (White) his penis, even after (White) objected,” the complaint alleges. “Affleck repeatedly referred to women as ‘cows;’ he discussed his sexual exploits and those of other celebrities that he allegedly witnessed; and asked (White), after learning her age, ‘Isn’t it about time you get pregnant?'”

The complaint also says White was prevented from going to her bedroom during shooting in Costa Rica because “Affleck and Phoenix locked themselves in her bedroom with two women,” the lawsuit says. “Affleck also attempted to manipulate [White] into staying in a hotel room with him, and when she resisted, he grabbed her in a hostile manner in an effort to intimidate her into complying.”

Affleck’s representative, who is married to Summer Phoenix, declined to comment on this issue.

Jay-Z sued by an airline company

It seems that Jay-Z traveled in 2009 around 55 hours with the company, which totalize an amount of $ 250,000, but the rapper only paid the equivalent of 37 hours.

Moreover, one hour spent on the company’s aircraft costs 4,500 dollars, which means that the rapper must pay another 81,000 dollars for the 18 hours remaining.

Besides, Jay-Z owes $ 8,500 for catering services during domestic flights, $ 3,000 for catering during foreign trips plus 8,500 dollars for international airport fees. To sum up, Jay-Z must pay a total amount of $ 137,485.

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Beyonce Knowles sued by a neighbor for disturbing public order

Philip Markowitz filed a formal complaint on Friday in Los Angeles Superior Court against singer Beyonce Knowles and the production company “Kleiner and Company”, who made the video “Why Do You Love Me.”

Markowitz said he was awakened very early in March, that he was not allowed to leave his property during the filming and that her technical team had blocked the driveway where his car was parked.

Philip Markowitz claims that he missed so many important phone calls while arguing with members of the crew on the driveway in front of his house, and wants to receive compensation for disturbance of the peace and damage caused.

Beyonce is in the peak of her career. In the past four years, the singer is the winner of 13 Grammy awards and has been involved in film production. In December 2006 she released the movie “Dreamgirls” where she starred alongside actors Eddie Murphy and Jamie Foxx and which won a Golden Globe nomination. In 2008, she played the role of the singer Etta James in the film “Cadillac Records”, and in spring 2009 was released on the big screen a new movie in which she plays -” Obsessed “.

“Why Do You Love Me” is one bonus-track on her third album, titled “I Am … Sasha Fierce” (2008). The song managed to reach the top position among American Songs Hot Dance Club over a year after release, becoming the 13th No. 1 of the American artist.



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Nokia sues Apple. Again

This time, the reason of fighting is the recently launched iPad by Apple. As in the first trial, Nokia claims that Apple uses a series of patented technology by Nokia without paying for them.

Rumors say that Apple will bring equality on the number of legal actions.

Oprah on defamation issue

It seems that back in 2007, a group of students at Winfrey’s school accused dorm parents of sexual abuse. Winfrey was intimately involved with the school and met with Mzamane, who was soon put on administrative leave pending an investigation.

Winfrey said: “nothing is more serious or devastating to me than an allegation of misconduct by an adult against any girl at the academy. I will do everything in my power to ensure their safety and well-being.”

Later, Winfrey said she had “lost confidence in (Mzamane’s) ability to run this school. And therefore, she will not be returning to this school.”

Therefore, Mzamane sued for defamation, false light and infliction of emotional distress. Winfrey then sought to have these claims dismissed on summary judgment.

The trial is now set for March 29 in Philadelphia.

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Apple sued HTC

The Apple action into court is not officially directed against Google, but many analysts interpret it as an attack search leader on the Internet, which launched earlier this year Nexus One, a direct competitor of the iPhone.

Apple called HTC to court both at the International Trade Commission (ITC) in the United States and also at a Delaware court, seeking to prohibit HTC to sell, promote or distribute in the United States.

The complaint filed at the ITC it refers to phones HTC Hero, Dream and myTouch, but also at Google model , Nexus One. All these models use the Android operating system developed by Google for mobile phones.

“We are not part of the process. However, we support the Android operating system and the partners who have helped us develop it,” said a representative of Google.

HTC announced that it examines the allegations made by Apple.

“HTC offers great price to their patents and their appliance, but is determined to protect their own innovations in technology,” said Taiwanese company spokesman, Keith Nowak.

In a press release, HTC points out that in the first quarter, the financial results will not be affected by the process with Apple.