Motorola ally with Verizon to win Apple

There were rumors saying that the Finnish manufacturer, Nokia, is planning to launch a tablet this year.

Motorola’s new product will also enable users to watch TV, according to Financial Times.

The new Tablet PC will have a 10-inch screen, will use the Google Android operating system and users could access programs like Adobe Flash.

Thanks to the TV broadcast application, Verizon customers could use FiOS service.

The new product will be thinner and lighter than iPad, sources say, quoted by Financial Times. Sources haven’t disclosed however, information about Motorola’s new Tablet PC’s name.

Although both Verizon and Motorola’s officials haven’t made any comments yet, in the past, Motorola discussed for several times the possibility of launching a new product to compete iPad.

Google and Samsung will compete with Apple’s iPad

The PC tablet launched by Apple will create a new market and a new demand for such products, predicts the president of Mobile Communications Division of Samsung, J.K. Shin, attended at the annual Mobile World Congress trade fair which is taking place this week in Barcelona.

Chief executive of Apple, Steve Jobs, announced on January 27, that the famous iPad will appear in stores in March, while investment bank Goldman Sachs estimate that Apple will sell six million iPad units this year.

Google also has published conceptual image with a PC tablet based on the Chrome OS operating system developed by the company, which competes with iPad recently launched by Apple.

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