Will Nokia launch a tablet this year?

According to some component manufacturers, including even Foxconn, Nokia is preparing to launch a tablet with a screen of 7 or 9 inch. 

Rumors say that there were already finalized about 100 samplers to be tested. The Nokia tablet will be based on an ARM processor.  The operating system will be Windows 7 or MeeGo (based on Linux).

Other information referring to Nokia tablet does not exist at this time. We will see if the tablet will be launch later this year.

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Acer will launch a 7 ” screen with Android this year

The Tablet with the 7 ” screen comes with a QWERTY keyboard.The interface moved very well through the controlled touch-sensitive screen.

Gianfranco Lance suggested that the tablet could be equipped with a 3G modem, it can be distributed through mobile operators.Release date was not announced and no further details regarding price and software.

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iPad’s technical problems

As expected, technical problems haven’t delayed to occur. Many users are unhappy with Wi-Fi connection. They have complained of problems receiving the signal, which is fluctuating or low compared with other Wi-Fi devices, placed in the same area.

Even if it has a range of up to 10 hours stand by, the gadget has serious problems with its battery charge. According to some users, the tablet doesn’t load itself unless it is in a standby mode or when it’s closed.

Customers have experienced problems in the multitasking function. Several applications have blocked. These include games, the video player from ABC, Netflix.

Another problem reported was the tablet’s keyboard accuracy. There were few people who hold a key and the result was quite different than expectations.
Finally, some users have complained about the USB connection with the printers.

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Is Apple working on another new tablet already?

They launched the iPad on January 27, 2010 and the rumors about the latest, most advanced piece of technology are already spreading. However, according to TechCrunch, the source of information is kind’of a second-hand source.

Although even before iPad some said that Apple is working at some devices with touch screens between 7” and 10.6” in size, the future device will have up to 15.4”. That’s the current size of an MacBook Pro for instance.

They also say that it’s not gonna be very much like the iPad. It could run a version of OS X, much closer to the traditional version that runs on Macs.

While everyone is still debating the uses of the iPad, a larger tablet would probably have a completely different set of uses.For example, it would likely be meant to be more of a straightforward laptop (or desktop) replacement. With an external keyboard , just as the iPad offers as an accessory, but probably it would be a more integral part of using the device.

When undocked, maybe you could use the thing just as you would an iPad (which is to say, holding it or placing it in your lap and using your fingers to manipulate its screen). And maybe while docked, you would even use a bluetooth mouse or touchpad device attached to the keyboard to interact with it.

“Based on various patent filing and the general trend of multi-touch enabled devices (Magic Mouse, MacBook trackpads, etc) that Apple has been releasing, it seems that Apple is definitely trending in the direction of touch computing as the future of computing. A larger tablet device could serve as a nice transition device between the traditional laptop and this new type of computing. And just as the iPhone has prepared many of us to naturally use the iPad, the iPad may do the same for this new tablet.”, says Siegler on TechCrunch.

So , if we were to recap a bit, the future tablet – not so much of an iPad/iPhone but more of a touch notebook – would have:

  • – 15.4” zise
  • – It will run on OS X (OS X 10.7 maybe?)
  • – Much more power than the iPad
  • – A new set of native OS applications that support multi-touch
  • – A price way over the iPad/iPhone but slightly under the MacBook Pro ($1000 – $1200 ??)
  • – A weight around 2-3 pounds (because they wont need a keyboard and other body parts that a notebook does)
  • – Much likely a very, very, very well made launch with extraordinary appreciations from everyone but mainly from Apple staff, like this one below


New device from Apple on Wednesday

Steve Jobs, Apple’s boss, confirmed on Monday that this week will be launched “ an important product that we’re very proud”. The announce was made during a press conference held to present financial earnings, from 2009 ending, that he represents.

Technology passionate will have to wait until Wednesday when the launch is scheduled in order to find out if it’s about the anticipated Mac tablet.

Jobs statement was transmitted in parallel with information about massive deliveries of iPhone and Mac at 2009 end, until 26 December.

Most of specialist say that on Wednesday Apple will launch the Apple Tablet.

According to rumors, the device could be an eBook reader, a device for games, an instrument for videoconferences, a new laptop, a moving device for Internet or a combination of all elements listed.

Rumors say that Apple will launch a new tablet-style computer next summer

Rumors say that a new tablet-style computer from Apple Inc. might be the first major launch in a new class of slate-like multimedia devices that could leapfrog the laptop.
With a gleaming touch screen, it might be perfect for watching movies, reading books, listening to music or surfing the Web. According to rumors, it might come out next summer and it might cost $800.
“The tablet rumors have been going crazy in the last few months,” said Arnold Kim, senior editor of Mac Rumors, a blog that tracks Apple scuttlebutt. “It’s almost at iPhone levels.”

Rumors say that the tablet’s marquee feature is likely to be its screen. As popularly imagined, the device would look like a single color panel a little larger than Amazon.com Inc.’s Kindle e-reader. Because the user would be able to manipulate on-screen objects by touch, including a virtual keyboard, there would no longer be a need for a mouse or conventional keyboard. Also, the device would almost certainly be capable of playing music and movies, analysts believe, and be compatible with Apple’s online marketplaces such as iTunes and the App Store.

More than that, Apple stock shot up nearly $7 to an all-time high and has climbed even further since. On Wednesday, Apple shares rose $2.54, or 1.2%, to $211.64. The company is coming off its most profitable quarter ever, and its stock market value is more than $190 billion, higher than titans such as General Electric Co. ($163 billion) and Chevron Corp. ($156 billion).But anyone who expects the tablet to be a runaway success like the iPhone , which has sold more than 30 million units since it debuted in 2007, should switch to decaf, said Stephen Baker, a technology analyst at NPD Group.


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New Tablet to Compete with Apples’ Future Device

Rumors of an Apple tablet are still wandering the web. Other consumer electronic companies aren’t going to wait and see for the Apple wonder tablet, so Notion Ink is just one of the non-Apple which will see in the near future.

Slashgear announced today, few days earlier than expected, details of Notion Ink’s “Smartpad” tablet. It has 10.1″ display, and is one of the first to use Pixel Qi’s 3qi screen.  The following specs for the soon-to-be-released device are quite interesting:

– 6.3 x 9.7 x 0.6 inches.
– 1.7 lbs.
– WiFi b/g, Bluetooth, UMTS/HSDPA (3G).
– Digital Compass, Accelerometer, Proximity, Ambient light, Water sensors.
– USB, HDMI, 3-megapixel autofocus camera, Video Recording.
– 32GB SSD, SD Slot.
– Android OS with Gesture Support.
– 1024×600 Pixel Qi display.
– 48 hrs standby battery, 8 hrs HD video playback, 16 hrs internet surfing over WiFi

Unfortunately, no price was given yet to the device. The Pixel Qi display is expected to offer significant power savings and greater visibility during sunlight exposure.

Apple lovers should wait for a tablet of roughly the same size to be launched later in 2010. The table is expected to run the iPhone operating system.


Image source: macrumors.com

Is Apple going to release a new Kindle in March 2010?

Analyst Yair Reiner claims that Apple will ramp up production of the wonder-device in February 2010. He says that the Second Coming of the JesusTablet will be in March or April. Because Apple intends to offer 30/70 revenue split to book publishers, Reiner thinks it will kill Kindle. Right now, Amazon – who apparently has pissed off everyone in the book industry – offers 30/70 for exclusives and 50/50 the rest. Apple however will get 30% and give 70% for publishers for a non-exclusive distribution contract.

Analyst Yair Reiner says that Apple device will make “ebooks more relevant for education by simplifying functions such as scribbling marginalia.” Furthermore this new device will have the same screen technology of the iPhone but in a 10.1 – inch size, ironbarring the concept of a super-expensive OLED display.

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