Mel Gibson text messages for Oksana Grigorieva

As an actor and director, Mel Gibson is praised, but as a man he raise a lot of questions. Will his fans leave behind this circus see Mel Gibson as before?

However, his hardcore fans never left him, regardless of his behavior, they supported him and they will continue to do so. In their eyes, Oksana is the woman who is blackmailing Mel.

Leonardo DiCaprio refused to collaborate with Mel Gibson in his next production because of the rumors published in the press.

The 30 or so recordings from February 18 are evidence that he abused Oksana, from what she claims. It’s debatable, but it is very clear that Mel Gibson needs help.

These are some of the texts sent by Mel to Oksana:

“Your goddamn mailbox is full! Hear you are at Sherman Oaks.”

“Safe is best!”

“I’m drowning in self doubt and depression. And pure rage.”

“I’m just not digging it. Every minute like an agonized eternity. F*%k!”

After a fight, Oksana left Malibu and returned home in Sherman Oaks.

“She left his Malibu house after a fight and went back to the house in Sherman Oaks,” a source said. “Mel was abusive, threatening, full of rage. When he said, ‘safe is best,’ Oksana knew that meant she would only be safe away from him.”

“She was scared … After all, she said he had already beaten her once.”

Mel Gibson was charged with domestic violence, Oksana pretending that Mel hit her on Jan. 6 while she was holding their daughter, Lucia, in her arms.

Oksana came up with evidence, black eye photos, saying that Mel hit his son, Tommy, and threw a TV in his ex-wife.

Although Mel’s lawyers don’t deny that it’s his voice on the tapes, they denied that he committed acts of physical violence and bend the validity of the photos, accusing Oksana of extortion.

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