Johnny Depp is the highest paid actor in 2010

Depp was previously ranked no.10 but managed to reach no. 1 this year thanks to his movies.

This top was made by Forbes and it also shows that on following ranks are Ben Stiller with $38 million, Tom Hanks with $30 million, Adam Sandler with $26.6 million, Robert Downey Jr. with $14.6 million, Tom Cruise with $14.6 million, Brad Pitt with $13.3 million, and finally George Clooney with $12.6 million.

Johnny Depp, 47, is currently in Hawaii filming the new movie from “Pirates of the Caribbean” series.

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Leonardo DiCaprio believes family life will ruin his career

It seems that Leo won’t marry to soon because he noticed that actors such as Tom Cruise and Ben Affleck experienced some difficult times in their careers after getting married.

“Leo’s promised Bar, who just turned 25, that he wants to be with her forever — but she may be 30 before their wedding day,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“He’s in his prime creatively and has about a dozen films he wants to make in the next five years. “He truly loves Bar and knew he had to offer her some kind of commitment, or she’d walk. She’s a forceful, independent woman, and she’s left him before.

“She’s not ready to bolt yet, but Leo’s going to have to do better than just saying he can see them getting married in five years.”

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Tom Cruise wants to play in theaters

The actor was very proud when his wife appeared on Broadway in 2008 playing Arthur Miller’s “All My Sons”, and admits that Holmes’s debut in theater led to think so.

On the other hand, Cruise is convinced that London is the ideal place to launch his career in theater. “I’d really like to do the stage at some point.” Tom said to Britain’s Evening Standard.

Tom Cruise, 48, and Katie Holmes, 32, met in April 2005 and married for four years.

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Is Katie Holmes having problems on getting pregnant?

Moreover, her husband, Tom Cruise urges Katie to give their adorable daughter, Suri, 3, a little brother or sister.

“Katie’s been gorging on loads of carbs and she’s put on at least 12lb,” a source told Britain’s Now magazine.”

“She hates the fact that she’s heavier, but Tom insisted that she needed more meat on her bones to have a greater chance of getting pregnant.”

“Katie will always do what Tom says and this proves he still has a heavy grip on her.”

“The plus side, from her point of view, is that she gets to eat what she wants these days, rather than surviving on salad.”

“But it’s not an ideal scenario for Katie because she’s always prided herself on her svelte figure.”

“A lot of people in Hollywood were saying she’s pregnant, but the truth is that she’s let herself go a bit and it’s showing on her belly.”

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Tom Cruise announces the launching of the fourth film from Mission Impossible series

Cruise will be at the same time, the producer of this film, along with JJ Abrams.

According to the Director of Paramount Pictures, the two are eager to start working.

The film’s launch was scheduled for 2011. Until then, however, Cruise and producer JJ Abrams seeks a director for this feature.

So far, the three films of the series “Mission: Impossible” achieved revenue of over 1.4 billion dollars worldwide.

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Is Katie Holmes pregnant again?

It seems that the two have reached to an agreement of renegotiating the marriage contract which means that Holmes will receive $11 millions to make Tom father again.

With or without the money, actress’s tummy no longer can’t be hidden. Katie was photographed while she left a medical building and than writing a message. Is she really pregnant or the winter clothes makes her look extra pounds?

Contrary to her usual habits, Katie who usually goes out accompanied by her bodyguard and her driver, now she went out by her self to doctor.

This seems to be the situation in market economy. Everything is a good, even the joy to have an heir.