Miranda Kerr: “Yes, I am pregnant. Four months along”


Victoria’s Secret supermodel and Orlando Bloom are expecting their first child together: “Yes, I am pregnant. Four months along,” says Kerr, 27, confirming much buzz about a possible baby after the couple announced their engagement in June, then quietly wed in July.

“I remember on one occasion in the early days [of my pregnancy] when it was still too soon to say anything, and I had a dreadful time at one job,” she says, recalling morning sickness during the first trimester.

“My ideal situation would be to live on a farm in a solar-powered house with a hammock and a vegetable patch,” she told Page Six Magazine in 2008.

“When this is all over, that’s where I’ll be. I’ve always wanted kids, so someday, eventually, yes, it will happen.”

Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom newly parents

Miranda Kerr, 27, is well-known for her model qualities on the podiums of the international house fashion Victoria’s Secret, and actor Orlando Bloom, 33, also known for his role in the franchise “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “Lord of the Rings” have a relationship since 2007 and just married on July 22 in a private ceremony, less than a month after announcing the engagement.

On the other hand, tabloids say that Miranda Kerr had every reason to hasten the marriage because she is already pregnant.

“She is definitely pregnant. Miranda is excited. She always speaks to her friends, most top models, about this,” said a source to Us Weekly.

The Australian model expressed also in the past her desire to start a family with her boyfriend, actor Orlando Bloom: “I always wanted to become a mother someday. And I’ve always thought that Orlando would be a great father”.

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Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom Secretly Marry!

Miranda Kerr, 27, model for Victoria’s Secret, and actor Orlando Bloom, 33, star of the franchise “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “Lord of the Rings” have a relationship since 2007 but denied rumors, often appeared in the press, about their possible marriage.

The couple’s spokeman confirmed that Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr were engaged. Australian store chain David Jones, whose image is Miranda Kerr has confirmed the marriage of the two, through a statement released Friday by the Australian press, which explains the fact that Miranda Kerr has canceled participation in the forthcoming presentation of company’s spring / summer collections.

“David Jones very graciously released me during this period so we could celebrate an intimate ceremony and honeymoon together,” Kerr’s statement says. “I’m very much a part of the David Jones Family and I am very committed to my role. I am enormously grateful to David Jones to have been given this time to enjoy such a special moment in my life.”

Miranda Kerr, who grew up in the Australian town of Gunnedah in New South Wales, occupied the ninth position in the top 10 models with the highest incomes conducted by Forbes magazine this year, after receiving four million dollars in the last 12 months.

Gunnedah mayor promised to hold a special parade in honor of the couple, but the two stars decided to get married in Los Angeles in a private ceremony.

Orlando Bloom is known for the role “Will Turner” in the successful franchise “Pirates of the Caribbean”. He appeared also in another successful franchise – the trilogy “Lord of the Rings’ – he played the elf Legolas. Bloom has also starred in “Black Hawk Down” (2001), “Troy” (2004) and “Kingdom of Heaven” (2004).