A Google search with “Vatican” sends to a pedophile website

According to the Ansa agency, this has been recorded for several hours on Saturday. Contacted by Ansa, a spokesman for Google Italy, Simona Panseri, could not confirm whether it is an attack against the Vatican website.

“I can not confirm whether it is an attack as long as I don’t have precise information from the American engineers to understand the nature of the problem,” she said, according to the same source.

The Vatican published Thursday new, tougher rules against pedophilia, but victims of abuse consider inadequate.

Image source: jenanddave.co.uk

Facebook vs. Google

Web analysis, Matt Tatham, from the firm Experian Hitwise believes: “It shows content sharing has become a huge driving force online. People want information from friends they trust, versus the the anonymity of a search engine.”

“It’s definitely a big moment for Facebook, even though they beat by a small margin. We’ve seen it coming for quite a long time.”

“By nature, the Web is ever-changing,” Tatham said. “The Internet can be a fickle crowd.”