Ayda Field made Robbie Williams “learn to love again”

Robbie said about Ayda that she made him ‘learn to love again’. At the ceremony were present the couple’s family and friends and due to Williams wish to keep the wedding secret, not even his friends didn’t know many details about the wedding.

Currently there are some uncertain facts about the wedding, some papers writing that the wedding was ‘very beautiful and romantic’, organized by Robbie’s mother, and an interesting detail: it seems that alcohol was banned due to Robbie’s previous drink addiction.

According to a source, friends of the couple knew there will be a party to celebrate Robbie’s 20 years in showbusiness. ‘It was only in the last few days that news leaked out that it was going to be a wedding. Robbie is the happiest I have ever seen him.

He says that until Ayda came along he didn’t know what it was like to be truly happy. He credits her with teaching him how to learn to laugh and love again.’

According to a security guard ‘The wedding is at 5pm on Saturday [1am Sunday UK time]. We have had trucks going in all day. We had to bring him and her in through the back gates because he doesn’t want the people to see them.’