Robbie Williams will marry Ayda Field this weekend

Robbie Williams and Ayda Field have a relationship since 2007. According to British press, the singer asked her to marry him last Christmas.

Williams, aged 36, has not spoken publicly about his marriage plans, but tabloid The Sun claims that the British star will marry Ayda Field, on Saturday, on Santa Catalina Island, located at a distance of 35 km off the coast of California.

According to tabloid The Sun, only two family members and few close friends were invited to the ceremony and guests were instructed to gather in a small port on the Californian coast, where they will be taken over by a boat that will lead to a secret destination.

It’s not the first time when the British press announces a “secret date” of Robbie Williams marriage. Daily Star newspaper published an article earlier this year stating that Robbie Williams will marry Ayda Field on Valentine’s Day.

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Did Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt got married this weekend?

Journalists from have even a hint of the pictures, implying that the ring is more like a wedding ring, and although it is worn on the left hand, the famous Hollywood couple accustomed us to do their eccentricity.

Angelina Jolie and her father, actor Jon Voight, were photographed together Sunday in Venice, while walking on the Grand Canal, along with U.S. actress life partner, Brad Pitt, and their children, inform .

Jolie-Pitt family stayed for a few days in Italy, because Angelina Jolie will soon begin filming “The Tourist”, a thriller that will costar Johnny Depp.