Cheryl Cole and Nicole Scherzinger to judge American X Factor

“At the moment you are going to see me doing one show next year – and not one in England. I have a contract for this year and that is it,” Simon told The Sun.

“I am going to sit it out for a few more weeks before I make a final decision. And it has to be fun. The minute it stops being fun, bye bye.”

Meanwhile, X Factor will debut on Fox in early 2011 and The New York Post has announced that Nicole Scherzinger and Cheryl Cole will join the judge panel of the 2011 US singing competition.

While everyone watches – for now – on the American Idol, with Simon Cowell leading next year’s Fox show, we’re pretty sure that X factor will draw everyone’s attention.

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Cheryl Cole for British Vogue: “I’m a woman, not a girl any more”

She married Ashley in 2006 but after allegations of multiple infidelities surfaced, their union fell apart and was granted a quickie divorce in London’s High Court last week.

“I’ve just got to be grateful that I’ve got so many good things going on. I have. And there’s no children you know?”

However she surely wants to have babies: “That’s definitely something I want to achieve. It’s the toughest job in the world – but I know it must be the most rewarding too. I’m ready now. I’m 27. I’m a woman, not a girl any more. Thinking about yourself constantly isn’t so healthy.”

“I suppose that’s the point of having children, isn’t it? Being able to live your life through them instead of you, having them be your motivation? That’s the ‘right’ thing, I’m thinking – when you love someone more than you love yourself. That’s what I think about my mum.”

Some of the latest rumors say she is rumored to become a judge alongside Simon Cowell in the American version of X Factor, scheduled to debut on FOX in fall 2011.


Katy Perry will present a reality show

ITV wants to sign a contract with Katy for some time now. Everybody thinks she is very appropriate for this, says a representative of the station, quoted by the British newspaper.

The singer, 25, became interested in television after she attended The X Factor. Perry is doing very well in England, her fiancé’s country, Russell Brand, and she wants to spend more time with the British public.

The show won’t be a reality show as we may expect but sort of an observation documentary. The singer is set to borrow her voice for the next movie from `The Smurfs` series.

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Cheryl Cole fighting with malaria while auditioning the X Factor

Therefore, some photos of her appeared online, showing a really tired and ill Cheryl Cole at the show’s auditions. The singer felt the need to rest her head on her arms before she went on the Green Room.

She lay a while on a couch trying to rest even if she had temperature, headaches and shivers because she had malaria. All these happened just before she had a photoshoot where she collapsed and then diagnosed with malaria.

Moreover, the singer said to her judge colleagues: ‘I don’t feel well at all. I am definitely coming down with something.’ Cowell asks her ‘Are you ill?’ Cheryl decided to spoke this week for the first time about her battle with the tropical disease.

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Alexandra Burke offers her mother a kidney to save her life

On the other hand, Burke’s mother, Melissa Bell, 46, announced that she can’t accept her daughter’s offer due to possible complications that might lead to impossibility to give birth of the woman who offers the organ.

“Alex offered and was very serious about it, but if you take a kidney from a woman who hasn’t had babies you take away her chance of a family,” Melissa said.
“That’s more than robbery — it’s downright wicked.”

David, Melissa’s 23 year old son, is set to take some tests to see if he’s compatible.

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Joe Mcelderry, X Factor Winner, announces he’s gay

It seems that hackers broke into his account saying as a joke that he is gay which made the young singer to put his true feeling out.

The hackers wrote: ‘It’s been difficult living a lie for so many years…’

Later, the singer wrote on his official website: ‘I have always been a very honest person and so it is important for me to continue to be honest.

‘It has been the most amazing year so far and I feel so privileged. It’s also been a time of real self realization and I feel as if I have grown up so much in these few months.

‘There has been speculation about my sexuality in the past and I have always been honest at the time I have been asked.

‘Over the past few weeks I have really had time to reflect and to realize who I am. I spoke to my friends and family about this in the last few days and it was important to do the same for you all as you have been so supportive.

‘I have had nothing but support from you and many of you have been very open in saying that you will continue to support me whatever my sexuality. It is important to me to let you know first, so that you know the stories in the papers are true. I made the choice to speak openly about this.’

He added: ‘Everything is going well and I’m really happy to be able to move forward from here.’

Even if Joe was initially angry at the Twitter hackers, he replied: ‘Well, they’re not that far from the truth. I think the Twitter thing was the point when I realized I was gay,’ he told The Sun.

‘I’m feeling good about it, it’s liberating. Now I can just get on with my life,’ he said.

Cheryl Cole returns to The X-Factor

Moreover, the good news is that she will return to The X-Factor this week. “Cheryl loves the show and is desperate to get back to work,” says a friend. “She’s under doctors’ orders to that it easy. But it’s a big step that she’s back on board.”

Cheryl will return for the British version of American Idol in time for the elimination stage and Simon is eager to have her back. A source revealed: “She has put all her energy into getting better and it’s paid off. Simon has told her he can’t wait to have her back.”

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Chris Isaak to replace Simon Cowell on American Idol?

The rumors are fueled by the fact that he has met twice with those of Fox.

Chris Isaak, along with music, has appeared over the years in numerous television series such as “Eastwick”, “Cold Case”, “Smallville” and in his own television show, “Chris Isaak Show”. Another singer, Harry Connick Jr., was also considered.

Even rocker Bret Michaels would like the role of judge for “American Idol”, even making lobby last week in an interview for Headline News (“I would love to do it, I would really bring it to the table”, Michaels told Joy Behar). Some sources, however, say that Michaels doesn’t have any chances in the race.

In addition, Donald Trump lobbied to replace Simon Cowell, despite his long association with NBC as a producer and judge of “The Apprentice”.

While Fox insisted that no decision is imminent, network entertainment president Peter Rice said that until the beginning of September, the new judge will join the Caravan.

They want the “American Idol” judge to be similar to “X Factor” Simon Cowell. In many ways, Fox tries to realize who is the right “piece”, a delicate process, considering the long-term tension between Cowell and the executive producer of “American Idol, Simon Fuller.

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Will Simon Cowell marry Mezhgan Hussainy?

Recently his girlfriend, Mezghan Hussainy, was spotted with a diamond ring on her finger, which quickly gave rise to speculation that the pair got engaged.

In addition, the judge of the “X Factor”, which until now has kept the relationship secret, believes that he met half and even thinks to start a family.

“I’m conquered by Mezhgan. I think she is the one. She’s very special. I think I need small Simons around, “said the star in his colleague’s show, Piers Morgan.

But, while he made a big step recognizing the love he shares for the beautiful woman, Simon did not want to deny or confirm rumors that he got engaged.

Let’s not forget that he said that he does not want to marry ever as not to risk his fortune. But look what love made to do the man!