Yahoo! has ambitious plans for the next three years: 1 billion users

Asked to be more specific about those internal goals, Irving declined to tell the audience more details.

“Irving said there are internal goals that the company will use to measure its success, but he declined to share them with reporters,” says VentureBeat.

However, TechCrunch heard from a source close to Yahoo: an increase in the number of unique visitors to Yahoo properties from today’s 622 million to a cool 1 billion. And an increase in overall Yahoo revenue from last year’s $6.5 billion to a whopping $10 billion.

Michael Arrington, founder of TechCrunch, believes Yahoo’s goals are not doable:

“Doable? Not a chance. Well, maybe on the user number. They grew 9% over the last year in unique users according to Comscore. If they keep that up they’ll be at around 800 million, and I guess they could buy their way to a billion buy buying WordPress, Glam and/or Myspace, each with about 165 million unique monthly visitors. But short of some sort of massively popular new product, 1 billion unique visitors isn’t going to happen.

“The revenue target is even less likely. 2008 revenue was $7.2 billion, dipping down to $6.5 billion last year. 2010 looks flat v. 2009 so far. “

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Yahoo! wants a slice of Hulu

Hulu, owned by three of the largest U.S. broadcast networks is preparing a share sale as early as this year that may value the company at more than $2 billion, says a source close to the plan, on August 16.

Jordan Rohan, an analyst with Stifel Nicolaus in New York, wrote in a note today that Yahoo, owner of the second-most popular U.S. Internet search engine, would consider acquiring a stake in Hulu to solidify itself as an entertainment destination and a “must-buy” for advertisers.

Hulu’s estimated $200 million in revenue this year “implies superior monetization” compared with Google Inc.’s YouTube video site, Rohan wrote.

“Such an acquisition could be a very smart strategic move as the Yahoo sales force would be able to cross-sell Hulu inventory with parts of Yahoo’s own content initiative,” wrote Rohan, who recommends holding Yahoo shares.

Founded in 2007 by General Electric Co.’s NBC Universal and News Corp.’s Fox, Hulu started as an advertising-supported service for viewers to watch previously broadcast TV shows for free online.

Now the venture, also owned by Walt Disney Co.’s ABC and Providence Equity Partners Inc., is starting a subscription service.

Google to launch Google Games

To prepare for this move, Google has invested in silence, almost 200 million dollars in Zynga, which already sits in an exclusive club together with companies valued over $1 billion.

New rumors about Google only confirm that it wants to dominate the social networks, especially if we take into account the forthcoming launch of Google Me, which is said to be a “Facebook-killer.”

On the other hand, MySpace, Facebook and Yahoo already host Zynga games. So, the question naturally is: what will Google provide in addition to those to be successful and how will it manage to win in front of its competitors? To be honest, it might be too late for Google to be part of this game, but we are just waiting.

Nokia and Yahoo working on Project Nike

The partnership between Nokia and Yahoo is named “Project Nike” (named after the Greek goddess of victory and not by sports shoe manufacturer) and has been planned since a few years ago, but without success.

Yahoo considered that this is the time for a revolutionary movement. Also, Nokia does not sit too well at the chapter successful innovations, especially because in the last period the attention was on Apple with its iPhone or iPad. Therefore, this initiative is currently the only way Yahoo and Nokia can compete on the mobile market.

Yahoo has a $85 million advertising campaign against Google

In the new campaign “It’s You”, the giant attacks the search engine Google, linking the “emptiness of the homepage” and that has nothing to motivate a user to remain on the page.

Rumors say that Yahoo follows the model of Facebook, which had a fantastic success in the world of social networking sites, through its international campaigns they had last year.

Therefore, we will have to wait and see what effects will have this campaign and if Google will respond to this “indirect attack”.

Google is investigated for antitrust

Therefore, two companies with activities in services online of compare prices and search, one in UK and another in France, claim that Google’s search algorithm demote intentionally their websites.

However, a company owned by Microsoft complained to the EC on the terms and conditions offered by Google for advertising.

The search engine considers that the activities carried out comply with EU competition law.

Google holds 90% of overall Internet search market, compared with a combined share of 7.4% for Yahoo! and Bing, according to data provided in November by StatCounter.

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